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Bruna Marquezine
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Bruna Marquezine
Real name:
Bruna Reis Mai
Who is:
Birth date:
(28 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5'7 ft ()
121 lb (55 kg)
Birth Sign:
Chinese zodiac:

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Bruna Marquezine biography

Bruna Marquezine is a young star of Brazilian soap operas, a model, and one of the most popular people on Instagram. Bruna became popular in her native Brazil when she was a child, but she continues to improve acting skills, advertises fashion brands, and is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Even the appearance of an obstacle in the way in the form of a handsome star, forward Neymar could not turn the girl away from her favorite profession. Net worth: $3 million.
Actress and model Bruna Marquezine
Actress and model Bruna Marquezine

Childhood: little actress

Bruna Reis Maia (Bruna Reis Maia Marquezine) was born in Rio de Janeiro on August 4, 1995. Her father, Telmo was a carpenter and mother, Neide was a housewife, devoting herself to raising her daughters.
Bruna Marquezine in childhood
Bruna Marquezine in childhood
When Bruna turned 5 years old, her mother took her to a model agency, and soon the little girl appeared in the advertising of goods for children, became the face of the Pamphili children’s shoe brand, and in 2002, she made her television debut in a children’s show program by a famous TV host and singer Xuxa. In the same year, Bruna’s youngest sister Luana was born.

In 2003, the girl became a student of the drama school for children at the TV channel Globo, and also got a role in the serial drama Mulheres Apaixonadas, which starred such stars as Paloma Duarte, Carolina Dieckmann, and Rodrigo Santoro. For the role of an orphan Salete, the 7-year-old actress was noted by Contigo Awards and Prêmio Qualidade Brasil (Best Female Revelation). She also received an award for her participation in the theatrical production Cosquinha.
Bruna Marquezine in the series Mulheres Apaixonadas
Bruna Marquezine in the series Mulheres Apaixonadas
The next works of the little actress were the role of blind Flor in the television novel America, Lurdinha in the television series Cobras & Lagartos, and Maria Augusta in the television series Desejo Proibido. In 2004, Bruna appeared with a bit role in the television series Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo.

As a pseudonym, Bruna chose her paternal grandmother’s last name. According to her, she was very much like her both in appearance and temperament.
Bruna Marquezine with parents
Bruna Marquezine with parents
At school, the little star was treated like an ordinary girl ‒ the teachers did not emphasize her fame, and her classmates did not envy her.

Appearing in TV series, Bruna continued to appear in commercials and participate in Xuxa’s children’s projects, the friendship with whom continued for many years. In 2012, she began to represent the pajamas and underwear Turma da Mel brand.

Adult roles

According to, in 2011, Bruna appeared in the television serial drama Aquele Beijo, playing as beauty Belezinha.

In the most popular Brazilian TV series of 2014 Helena’s Shadow, the young actress performed both the main character Helena in her youth and her daughter Luiza, who fell in love with the musician Laerte, who her mother had once been in love with. The role of the musician fatal for both women was played by Gabriel Braga Nunes.
Bruna Marquezine in the TV series Helena’s Shadow
Bruna Marquezine in the TV series Helena’s Shadow
In the joint American-English dance melodrama of 2015 Breaking Through, the actress played Roseli, one of the friends of the protagonist Casey, who became popular after publishing her dance piece on YouTube. The lead role was played by Sophia Aguiar. The film also starred Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, and the singer Anitta, playing herself, appeared in the cameo.

Bruna played the lead role in the TV drama of 2015 I Love Paraisópolis. In the story, her character Mari, the stepdaughter of poor Eva and Juju, becomes the bride of the rich heir Benjamin, played by Mauricio Destri.
Bruna Marquezine in the TV series I Love Paraisópolis
Bruna Marquezine in the TV series I Love Paraisópolis
The actress took part in the costume TV drama series of 2018 Deus Salve o Rei.
Bruna Marquezine in the series Deus Salve o Rei
Bruna Marquezine in the series Deus Salve o Rei

Bruna Marquezine personal life

The first meeting of the beauty Bruna and football star Neymar took place in 2011. The famous forward already had a child from a seventeen-year-old girlfriend, but the guy was legally free and plunged into a new relationship. The love-affair that started eventfully lasted about two years and ended largely due to the negative attitude of Bruna’s parents, who believed that it was too early for their 16-year-old daughter to have a serious relationship, and this relationship could harm her career.
Bruna Marquezine and Neymar often part and make it up again
Bruna Marquezine and Neymar often part and make it up again
In 2014, Bruna was seen together with Gabriel Braga Nunes, her partner in the TV series Helena’s Shadow, and in 2015, she was credited with a love-affair with the actor Mauricio Destri, the girl’s partner in the TV series I Love Paraisópolis.
Bruna Marquezine and her ex-boyfriend Mauricio Destri
Bruna Marquezine and her ex-boyfriend Mauricio Destri
In 2016, the actress resumed her relationship with Neymar, and over the course of a year, the couple pleased the fans, who nicknamed the couple Brumar, with idyllic photos. The footballer even made Bruna an offer, which, according to some information, was rejected by her, explaining her act by an unwillingness to stop her career.

A little later, information appeared in the media about the wedding that was ostensibly planned for 2018, but in October 2018, the actress declared a complete rupture of relationships with Neymar, accusing him of unfounded jealousy.
Bruna Marquezine height ‒ 170 cm
Bruna Marquezine height ‒ 170 cm
But, apparently, the Brumar story has all chances to continue. For example, in January 2019, fans of the couple enthusiastically watched how these two unsubscribed from each other, and then followed again on Instagram.

Bruna Marquezine now

By the beginning of 2019, Bruna had almost 35 million followers on Instagram ‒ the girl is considered to be one of the most popular people on this social network. The pretty girl is indignant when she is reproached for her popularity gained thanks to Neymar’s name. I started acting in films at the age of 5 and achieved everything with my own work, says Bruna, stressing that her relationship with the world football star, on the contrary, hindered her career.
At the same time, Bruna appeared in the commercials for Miu Miu and BoBo's new collections, as well as in commercials for watches and jewelry HStem.

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