Lady Gaga`s dog-walker shot and bulldogs stolen

26 February 2021
In the evening of February 24, unknown persons kidnapped two dogs of the famous singer. A man walking Lady Gaga's French bulldogs, named Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo, was attacked.

The incident took place in Hollywood, near the home of a celebrity who is currently vacationing in Italy. According to, the police who arrived at the call found the man in serious condition. He was shot four times. Missing two dogs of the star - Koji and Gustav. The third pet escaped but was later found nearby. It is known that Gaga promised $ 500,000 to those who will help her return the dogs.
Lady Gaga and her pets
Lady Gaga and her pets notes that Gaga's employee was attacked by two blacks who fled the scene in a white BMW. Now they are wanted.

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    2021-02-28 04:21:39