16 celebrities who have aged gracefully (photo)

Everyone is afraid of old age because it takes away strength, energy, and beauty. But she only paints some celebrities - the women from this photo selection only become more beautiful over the years.

Zoomboola.com editors have collected 15 photos of domestic celebrities aging beautifully. Among them are actresses who have remained largely unchanged over the years - including Julianne Moore, Robin Wright, and Meryl Streep.
But other women have changed, but exclusively for the better. For example, Isabelle Huppert, Cindy Crawford, and Diane Keaton. Many of them resorted to plastic surgery, but still retained the features of their natural appearance and remain forever young, beautiful, and recognizable.
Julianne Moore then and now
Julianne Moore then and now
You can look at other women for whom old age is not just not scary, but even beneficial in some way, in our photo selection.