Bella Hadid is dating Jack Nicholson`s 21-year-old grandson

Page Six reports that the 24-year-old model Bella Hadid has an affair with the grandson of the great Hollywood actor, Duke Nicholson.

Bella's last high-profile romance was with the musician The Weeknd. After the couple broke up, fans eagerly awaited news of Hadid's new relationship.

Sources say that Duke Nicholson, the 21-year-old grandson of Jack Nicholson, whom Hadid met in New York, became the new chosen one. It is also said that the lovers have already gone on a romantic trip.
Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson
Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson
By the way, Bella's new lover also turned out to be a creative person - Duke, despite his age, has already managed to star in the film "We" by Jordan Pill and pose for the cover of Lana Del Rey's album.
The editors of remind that in 2020 there was more than one unexpected star couple. In the spring of the same year, Kate Beckinsale introduced her 20-year-old boyfriend to fans, and in the fall, Lily James was spotted in the company of 50-year-old actor Dominic West, who was cheating on his wife with her.