11 hot actresses you will never see naked

Hollywood is full of attractive beauties with perfect bodies. Many women dream of being like them, and men dream of just being around. In spite of the beautiful figure of the actress, sometimes she is against a frank demonstration of forms, prescribing the clause "without nakedness" in her contract. Zoomboola.com has compiled one of the saddest lists of hot actresses, whose naked body we will never see.

Megan Fox

The decision to never act nude came to Megan after she recorded an erotic movie with her participation.  "The last thing I want to see is how I look when I have sex. Now, every time at the moment of proximity, I think that I am like hippopotamus", - said Fox and stressed that the video never got to the network.
Megan Fox is complex because of his body
Megan Fox is complex because of his body
However, during the filming of the horror film Jennifer's Body footage from the site appeared on the Internet, where Megan is only on swimsuit and overlays on nipples. And while the fans admired the beauty of her body, Fox was upset that everyone saw the imperfections of the figure.

Jessica Alba

During the filming of the Sin City Jessica Alba was asked to be bare topless, but the actress was adamant: "I will not bare myself. Maybe it makes me a bad actress, maybe I will lose some offers, but this is my principle."
Jessica Alba is not exposed because of the reaction of parents
Jessica Alba is not exposed because of the reaction of parents
Later in an interview, Jessica told what a categorical unwillingness to undress is due to the fact that she did not want her family, in particular her parents, to be ashamed of her.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore began her career with recording pop songs, her name flashed on the chart along with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, but the girl never became popular.
Mandy Moore is getting prettier over the years
Mandy Moore is getting prettier over the years
In the film industry, things went better: Mandy already had her own army of fans, who willingly watched light comedies with her participation, especially since the outwardly beginning actress was very good. Apparently, being well acquainted with the show business, Moore from the very first roles asked to indicate in the contract that she would not undress.

Jennifer Garner

Beauty Jennifer Garner more than once stirred the imagination, appearing in a frame in tight and rather frank clothes. But despite this, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife flatly refuses to bare.
Jennifer Garner believes that her body is not suitable for exposing the frame
Jennifer Garner believes that her body is not suitable for exposing the frame
"I will not remove all clothes ever, one hundred percent. No, thank you, the world deserves better", - said Jennifer Garner, commenting on the possibility of nude shooting.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts still looks great
Julia Roberts still looks great
Surprisingly, for the multi-year film career Julia Roberts never undressed in front of the camera lenses, the girl made no exceptions for photo shoots. The actress believes that getting naked is not necessary: "Shooting in clothes is a game, work, and without clothes - documentary".

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica can only afford a deep cleavage
Sarah Jessica can only afford a deep cleavage
Despite the fact that the actress became known for shooting in the most frank series of the early 2000s, she never undressed for the role. The other three performers of the main roles of Sex and the City have repeatedly participated in explicit scenes, while Sarah Jessica Parker was given "no stripping" in the contract.

Blake Lively

The heroine of the series Gossip Girl Blake Lively was remembered for the first time with her frank and daring outfits, but the actress was not uncomfortable to look so defiant.
Seductive Blake Lively on Gossip Girl
"I start to panic even before I put on a really frank outfit, but I didn’t have enough willpower to refuse. I had to act in a bra and shorts for two years", - laughs Blake.

Isla Fisher

You may have decided that we were mistaken in adding Isla Fisher to this list, because everyone saw her naked body in the movie Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn in the bed scene. In fact, the body does not belong to Isla, but to a doubler. Skillful hands of operators and editors were able to confuse the viewer so that no one noticed the bases.
Spicy scene featuring Vince Vaughn and Isla Fisher
The main reason for which the actress refuses scenes with exposure is the adoption of Judaism. The girl made this decision when she fell in love with Sasha Baron Cohen and decided to associate her life with him.

Anna Kendrick

Another "liar" in addition to Isla Fisher, Anna Kendrick, also appeared completely naked in the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The audience had a long discussion about how well the actress looked from behind, until Anna admitted that there was a double in the frame.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - trailer
Kendrick holds a tough position regarding the nude scenes, the girl is confident that it is not appropriate to undress the actress of the comedy genre.

Emma Watson

Images from Emma Watson
Images from Emma Watson
There was a long talk that among the networked nude photos of stars in 2017 there were also footage from Emma Watson. The actress was later surprised how much the fans are interested in her body and also mentioned that she was an idol for many children and teenagers after the role of Hermione and did not want to part with this image. And it doesn't matter that the fans of Harry Potter have already reached adulthood long ago.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon thinks that nudity in movies offends actresses
Reese Witherspoon thinks that nudity in movies offends actresses
Reese is not only never removed nude, but also openly condemns her colleagues who agree to such filming. Witherspoon is convinced that the naked body of the actress is a direct path to the women objectification, with which society is trying to actively fight.
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