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Theresa Mary May

Name: Theresa Mary May (Theresa May)

Birth date: 1 of October 1956 (62 y.o.)

Place of birth: Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Height: 163 cm Weight: 59 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

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Category: Politicians & Statesmen


Theresa May’s biography

Theresa May is a famous British politician. From 2010 to 2012, she was Minister for Women and Equalities in David Cameron’s government, and subsequently, she was appointed Home Secretary (2010-2016). In the summer of 2016, she took Cameron’s place as the Prime Minister of the UK.
UK Prime Minister Theresa MayUK Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May – early years. Education and work

Theresa was born in 1956, in Eastbourne, United Kingdom. Her father was a Church of England clergyman, who later died in a car crash about the time that Theresa graduated from university. After his death, Theresa lost her mother as well, who couldn’t cope with the loss of her spouse. After some time, she found out that she wasn’t able to have children.
Theresa May in her childhoodTheresa May in her childhood
The tragedy she had to go through only reinforced her character – she became adamant and courageous. She is used to relying only on herself, trusting her own judgment, and without crossing any lines – qualities she developed from having been brought up in a strict Anglican patriarchal family.
Theresa May in her youthTheresa May in her youth
Theresa May attended a public primary school, at first, then she was transferred to a private one. Theresa successfully graduated from Oxford University, with a BA degree in Geography. Further on, she worked at the Bank of England and at the clearing company APACS.

The beginning of Theresa May’s political career

From 1984 to 1992, May was a local councilor, and then she stood for Parliament for North West Durham, and then in the 1994 by-election for Barking. However, unfortunately, she was unsuccessful. Her first success in politics came in 1997, when she made it to the House of Commons.
Theresa May at the dawn of her political career (1992)Theresa May at the dawn of her political career (1992)
Right until 2002, May was building her career as a Tory, yet remaining in the shadow. “The grey cardinal of the Conservative Party” – that was what people used to think about her.

In 2002, Theresa was the first woman appointed as Chairman of the Conservative Party.
Theresa May was Cameron’s true comradeTheresa May was Cameron’s true comrade
From 2003 to 2005, she was the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Subsistence Support and Environment, from 2005 - Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and she was also the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons. In 2009, she came across another appointment - Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Theresa May’s political ideology

As a member of House of Commons, Theresa May voted:
- for the invasion of British forces in Iraq;
- against the UK’s integration into the EU;
- against smoking bans in public places;
- against the ratification of environmental laws to combat climate change;
- against the right of gay couples to adopt children, but for same-sex marriages;
- she was always against the flow of migrants

After the victory of the Conservatives from the parliamentary elections from 2010, Theresa was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality. Initially, she was aiming for the position of Minister of Work, as she had similar duties in the Shadow government. However, the post went to Iain Duncan Smith.

According to British media, May was doing a splendid job as Home Secretary, dealing efficiently with the elimination of disturbances on the streets.
Theresa May as Home Secretary
In 2016, a nationwide referendum took place in the UK, which aimed to decide whether the country should stay in the EU or not. At that point, Theresa was supporting the then acting Prime Minister Cameron and she was against the so-called “Brexit”.

The referendum was won by the ‘Eurosceptics’, and David Cameron resigned, after which Theresa May nominated herself for the position of leader of the Conservative Party, and, consequently, for the position of Prime Minister of the UK.
Theresa May and Elizabeth IITheresa May and Elizabeth II
On July 5, 2016, the first round of voting for the leader of the Conservative Party took place, where she made it to the list of favorites, gaining 165 votes. On July 7 of the same year, during the final round, May got 199 votes. There was one more nominee for the post, Andrea Leadsom, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who only got 84 votes.

This way, May became the obvious candidate for the position of Prime Minister. Theresa May was appointed the leader of the Conservative Party. On July 13, David Cameron devolved the power of Prime Minister on May. Her first speech as PM was “Brexit means Brexit”, expressing her support for the outcome of the referendum.
Theresa May’s first speech as the Prime Minister of the UK

Theresa May’s personal life

She got married in 1980. Her husband is Philip John May, an employee at the American financial services company Capital Group Companies. They don’t have any children.
Theresa May with her husbandTheresa May with her husband
In 2012, Theresa May was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, she’s been taking insulin shots daily.
Theresa May was diagnosed with diabetesTheresa May was diagnosed with diabetes

Theresa May today

From July 13, 2016, Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the UK. From day one she showed the public her true vision of conservatism. Even though May doesn’t say anything against the separation from the EU, her cabinet is full of skeptics, who insist on the separation from the EU.
How will Theresa May do on her new position?How will Theresa May do on her new position?
According to Mikhail Gorbachev, Theresa May could become a politician so popular like Margaret Thatcher. She currently holds the title of “lead lady” – a flexible, but harsh politician.

In 2018, Theresa May ranked the 14th in Forbes’s list of the world’s most influential people.
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