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Name: Monica Bellucci

Birth date: 30 of September 1964 (54 y.o.)

Place of birth: Citta di Castello, Umbria, Italy

Height: 171 cm Weight: 64 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

Occupation: actress, model

Photo: Monica Bellucci

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Monica Bellucci Biography

Monica Bellucci is the world famous Italian actress who films a lot in Hollywood, the model. Monica is the avatar of true beauty and femininity for a number of people.
 Monica Bellucci is the recognized sex symbol of the 90s Monica Bellucci is the recognized sex symbol of the 90s


Monica's parents had difficult fortune. Her father was the emigrant from Baluchistan (the region in western Afghanistan), Iranian ethnic and Muslim, hardly keeping body and soul together. Brunella Briganti, the future Monica’s mother, was raised as a good Catholic, but she got married to the alien-beggar against the will of her families and acquaintances.
 Monica Bellucci in her childhood (to the right) Monica Bellucci in her childhood (to the right)
They settled down in a small Italian town Chita-di Castello. The man was doing farm work and his spouse became an artist. They were living on the bum, but in perfect harmony. Only one thing clouded their union – they did not have children for a long time. Doctors diagnosed the woman «infertility» and advised her to hope for a miracle. So, that's why when 30 September 1964 their daughter Monica was born, the parents accepted this no less than an «Act of God».
12-years old Monica Bellucci with her father (to the right)12-years old Monica Bellucci with her father (to the right)
The future celebrity was raised in a poor family and realized the fact that only education could compensate for the lack of money, due to this Monica Bellucci was the earnest schoolgirl. In her youth, besides her native language, Monica Bellucci had a perfect command of French and English, and mastered the basis of Spanish.
In her youth Monica was dreaming to become a lawyerIn her youth Monica was dreaming to become a lawyer
Since the childhood, Monica wanted to become a lawyer. From an early age, wider public noted her chic appearance, the mixture of the eastern and Mediterranean blood. That`s why being a teenager at the age of 13 she began to boil the pot as a model. The local amateur photographer helped her to make the portfolio.

Modeling career

At the age of 16, the girl worked the runway at Liceo Classico. It was Monica’s cup of tea to transform in glamorous portrayals and catch excited photographers’ eyes and she abandoned her childhood dream of a case-law career.
At the age of 16 Bellucci signed with a famous modeling agencyAt the age of 16 Bellucci signed with a famous modeling agency
In 1983, the girl tried to enter the University of Perugia at a faculty of law, but she had to abandon the studies due to a very tight schedule.

In 1988, 24 years old Monica moved to Milan, where she signed with the modeling agency Elite Model Management. A year later, Monica Bellucci became well-known in New York and Paris fashion.
18 years old Monica Bellucci is an accomplished model18 years old Monica Bellucci is an accomplished model
The young celebrity posed for the Elle (French) and did the commercial of Dolce & Gabbana Perfume. An Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore made the video for the brand, Bellucci did his film later.
A young Monica Bellucci in the ad L'Oreal (1992)

The acting career< /h2> Monica Bellucci was a very successful in modeling, but she did not want to stop there. Her acting debut took place in1990 in Italian cinema. Her first works were bit parts in the films «Vita coi figli» (The life with sons), «La Riffa» (An abuse) and «Briganti» (The gangsters).
The first appearance of Monica Bellucci on television (1991)The first appearance of Monica Bellucci on television (1991)
In 1992 an eminent filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola drastically changed the situation and offered Bellucci the part of Dracula's bride in the film with Gary Oldman in the role of a bloodthirsty duke and young Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. It was the first serious Monica’s role, although it was a bit part. She started receiving the offers from American and European filmmakers.
Monica Bellucci in character of Dracula's brideMonica Bellucci in character of Dracula's bride
Monica’s big break on European continent came in 1996, after her portrayal of Lisa in the romance «The Apartment». The young beauty Bellucci conquered spectators and critics' hearts and received «Cezar» award. The girl came to know an already famous French actor Vincent Cassel during the filming. Next year she played with him in the French action «Dobermann», where she accepted the role of the main character-gangster’s deaf girlfriend.
«The Apartment»: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel’s dance
In 1997, Monica Bellucci took part in the making of three films – «Stressati», «Come mi vuoi» and «A los que aman», the next year she played in «Compromise», «Le Plaisir» (The wish), «L'ultimo capodanno», «A los que aman». The gorgeous Italian was given tons of offers, but Monica treated each offer with criticism and demanding. The girl was trying to choose the roles, which could brought her talent to life, but not the roles, which simply show her obvious beauty.
Bellucci and Cassel was one of the most beautiful famous coupleBellucci and Cassel was one of the most beautiful famous couple
The ticket to the big screen for Bellucci was the role in Giuseppe Tornatore’s drama «Malena» (2000), were she played like herself – the gorgeous woman, whose perfect appearance served as a gift and a spell at the same time for her. The beauty is dangerous – for some people it is envy, for other people it is lust, but at the same time, it is a gift, which should be carried with dignity. In 2001, the actress picked up the People's Choice Award from European Film Academy for her magnificent performance as Malena.
»A crowd can excuses the person’s intelligence, even talent, but a crowd can never excuses the beauty» (Monica Bellucci).
In 2001 Monica and her husband Vincent Cassel acted in the film «Brotherhood of the Wolf», she picked up just another award for this work – the prize «Saturn» for the best female minor role. Her next role was Cleopatra in comedy adventure «Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre» with Gerard Depardieu. The film was bound to be hit, largely due to Bellucci’s participating, because Monica is a true avatar of the royal beauty, and the role of the last Egyptian queen was as if specially created for her.
The film with Bellucci was bound to be hitThe film with Bellucci was bound to be hit
The next was a provocative film «Irréversible» (2002) by Gaspar Noé, which caused controversial emotions to the public. The nine-minute rape scene of Monica's character was so realistic, that during the demonstration in Cannes, many spectators got sick. Bellucci recognized the fact, that she scares to watch this film again, but it is clear, that it is one of the best and the bravest work in her career. By the way, her husband Vincent Cassel played the role of her boyfriend it this experimental drama, in which all the events are shown in reverse order.
Monica Bellucci’s high is 171 смMonica Bellucci’s high is 171 см
The following film in Bellucci’s filmography was an Italian film «Remember Me, My Love» (2003) and the drama «Tears of the Sun» (2003) with Bruce Willis, this year the actrees appeared in popular films of Wachowski, then brothers «The Matrix Revolutions» and «The Matrix Reloaded». A performed the role of a mysterious Persephone – the wife of Merovingian, who offers her support to Neo (Keanu Reeves) in exchange for a passionate kiss. Of course, the producers of the legendary trilogy could not but evaluate the attractiveness of the Italian actress and gave her a rather simple character, just exploiting her hotness.
Monica Bellucci in «The Matrix»Monica Bellucci in «The Matrix»
The participation in the filming of «The Matrix» marked for a 39 years old Italian actress the new and a very important stage in her career – the conquest of Hollywood. The industry with a penchant for beauty, hotness and charisma, could not resist Monica Bellucci. The actress could simply exploit the image of an inaccessible cutie, but she chosen a serious actor’s labor and imaginative scenarios. At that time, Monica changed genres regularly, proving the fact, that she was able to appear in any typecast.
Monica Bellucci in the film «Hear Tango» (2007)
After «The Matrix» she played Mary Magdalene in the biblical drama by Mel Gibson «The Passion of the Christ». The serious film with many violent scenes, telling us about the last days of Christ before the crucifix, it was given conflicting assessments by the critics, including the controversial interpretation of Bible. Despite the fact, that Monica was not a Catholic, she wanted to get the role of Jesus follower very much.
The scene from the film «The Passion of the Christ»The scene from the film «The Passion of the Christ»
Furthermore, played again with Vincent Cassel – this time in thriller «Secret Agents» (2004). Her next successful Hollywood project became the fantasy «The Brothers Grimm» (2005) by Terry Gilliam, describing the alternative biography of the most famous German storytellers. Of course, the film could not avoid mysticism – Monica played an evil queen, who died many centuries ago, but using witcheries seduces occasional visitors with her bygone beauty. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were captured by her beauty, the roles of the brothers were played by Heath Ledger and Matt Damon.
In Monica Bellucci’s filmography there are «evil» portrayals tooIn Monica Bellucci’s filmography there are «evil» portrayals too
In the same year Bellucci again made the portrayal of a fatal courtesan in the film of the famous French film director Bertrand Blier «How Much Do You Love Me??», her partner was Gerard Depardieu. The next big Monica’s role was the work in the film «The Stone Council» (2006), where she played with Catherine Deneuve and Moritz Bleibtreu. Gross audience remembered Bellucci's role in Hollywood thriller «Shoot 'Em Up (2007) with Clive Owen. Also, It should be noted the famous actress' acting in the Italian melodrama «L'uomo che ama» (2008), where also played Kseniya Rappoport.
The actress still admires with her beauty and styleThe actress still admires with her beauty and style
During this period Bellucci also managed to cooperate with such French actors as, Sophie Marceau and Daniel Auteuil. Its also worth mentioning the films with her involvment «The Sorcerer's Apprentice « (2010) with Nicolas Cage and «Manuale d'amore 3» with Robert De Niro. In 2014, the actress made the portrayal of diva of Opera in the popular sitcom Amazon «Mozart in the Jungle» with Gael Garcia Bernal. In 2015 Bellucci became the first mature Bond's woman (Daniel Craig) in the new part of films about Bond – «007: Spectre».
In 2015 Monica Bellucci became the new girlfriend of «James Bond»In 2015 Monica Bellucci became the new girlfriend of «James Bond»
In 2016 the actress was lucky to work with the iconic Serbian film director Emir Kusturica on his military melodrama «On the Milky Road». Bellucci made the portrayal of the main character's sweetheart and Kusturica played the protagonist himself.
The Milky Road: Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica

The private life of Monica Bellucci

The famous Italian actress had affairs only with her workmates – she was married for short time to the Argentinian photographer Claudio Carlos Basso in the beginning, than she was engaged to the Italian actor Nicola Farron.
In the photo: Monica Bellucci and Nicola FarronIn the photo: Monica Bellucci and Nicola Farron
Monica got acquainted with her future second husband – the French actor Vincent Cassel in 1996 during the filming of the melodrama «The Apartment», where they played a couple in love.
The love story of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel began on the set of «The Apartment»The love story of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel began on the set of «The Apartment»
In the beginning, they gave each other not very pleasant impression: Monica thought of Cassel as too arrogant, and the young beautiful actress seemed a starlet with a perfect body to Cassel, who suddenly thought herself an actress. However, at the end of the filming they could not split up.
During the first meeting with Vincent we had the strange feeling. Originally, we thought that it was the antipathy to each other, but later, getting to know each other better, we realized, that it was the magic of attraction. I don’t know, how we found ourselves together, we rather didn't choose who we want to be with, it is just happened.
However, the couple did not start to live together – Monica was in need of personal space and independence. Even in several years, after the wedding, they continued to split the time between the two houses – he is in France, she is in Italy. The actress explained this by the fact that she didn't want to dive into a family routine.
The couple lived in a common-law marriage for a long timeThe couple lived in a common-law marriage for a long time
In 2004 the 40 years old actress gave birth to the firstborn – the girl was named Deva. The birth of the child made Vincent and Monica closer and strengthen their relationships. Bellucci did not stay up long in the maternity leave and after a 9-month breastfeeding went back to a set. In May 2010, Monica Bellucci gave birth to the second daughter – Leoni.
In the photo: Deva Cassel, Monica Bellucci’s oldest daughterIn the photo: Deva Cassel, Monica Bellucci’s oldest daughter
In 2013, the famous couple Cassel –Bellucci split up to the chagrin of a number of fans. Maybe, frequent enforced and free-will separations of the former spouses tipped the scale, later on the actress admitted, that the self-dependence of each spouse endangered their relationships, and then they decided to split up.
In 2013 Bellucci and Cassel divorcedIn 2013 Bellucci and Cassel divorced

Monica Bellucci nowadays

In 2017, the actress performed the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival for the second time. She also appeared in 14 episode of the sitcom «Twin Pix» in the cameo by David Lync. Also Bellucci agreed to take part in the fantastic horror-film «Nekrotronic» and the thriller «The spider in a net», where aso will play Ben Kingsley.
Monica Bellucci in her youth and nowadays (18 and 50 years old)Monica Bellucci in her youth and nowadays (18 and 50 years old)
Now Monica is paying much attention to the family her daughters' upbringing. She admits the fact, that she wants her daughters to listen their inner voice and realize that they have no use for the man’s support in order to be successful.
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