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Maria Zakharova
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Maria Zakharova
Who is:
, spokeswoman for the MFA Russia
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(48 y.o.)
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5'7 ft ()
130 lb (59 kg)
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Biography of Maria Zakharova

Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova is a diplomat, director of the department of information and press at the Russian Foreign Ministry. She is an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Maria is a Ph.D. in history. In the foreign press, she is called "the sexual, intelligent but terrible and miracle weapon of Putin propaganda". Russians admire her straightforwardness, an amazing combination of femininity and rigidity, and they often calling Zakharova as «the Russian analog of Jen Psaki».
Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Childhood and family

She spent her childhood in Beijing, where her parents-diplomats arrived in the early 80's. Father, Vladimir Yurievich was an orientalist and specialist in Chinese language and literature. Until 2014, he worked as an adviser to the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Then he worked as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of World Economy and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics, and also lectured at the School of Oriental Studies.

His wife Irina became a research associate at the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts named after Alexander Pushkin on her return from China. She is a Ph.D. in art criticism. She knows well the culture, history, and traditions of China. She published a book for children in co-authorship with her husband "From year to year we wish happiness". This is a collection of Chinese folk tales.
The parents of Maria Zakharova were orientalists
The parents of Maria Zakharova were orientalists
Young Maria often walked along Chinese streets, and sometimes she and her parents explored the parks and monasteries of Beijing. After walks, she dictated her impressions to her mother in order to share them with her grandmother who remained in Russia. At school, she was an apt pupil and studied Chinese. She played with dolls like all of her fellows and loved to glue the houses for them. Later, the childish hobby turned into a serious passion for the creation of miniature interiors.

Maria dreamed of doing the same rough and serious work as her father and also writing well like her mother. Perhaps that is why the favorite program of the little Maria was the weekly program «International Panorama», which discussed the main economic and political events abroad.
Maria Zakharova dances «Kalinka»
After graduation, Maria returned with her parents to Moscow, where she admitted to the International Journalism Faculty of MGIMO (specialization in Oriental Studies and Journalism). In 1998, at the final year, Zakharova passed postgraduate practice at the Russian embassy in China, which was almost native to her. Five years later, in 2003, at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Maria successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on such a familiar and close topic on the celebration of the New Year in China, after which she became a Ph.D. in history.
Maria Zakharova in her youth
Maria Zakharova in her youth

Career of a diplomat

The first Maria Zakharova place of work was the editorial board of the Russian Foreign Ministry magazine «Diplomatic Bulletin». In the editorial office, Maria met with Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko, who was her first head and future deputy foreign minister of Russia. Alexander Vladimirovich adhered to the same principles in the work as Maria's beloved grandmother. He believed that the quality and professional interaction between team members is important in the work. Masha's grandmother also taught the girl to think that any work should be performed «perfectly», even if it is not checked by anyone. As an example, she said that even the reverse side of the embroidery should look neat. So the girl easily joined the team.
In 1998, Maria Zakharova started her career at the Foreign Ministry
In 1998, Maria Zakharova started her career at the Foreign Ministry
Maria showed herself in the office as an excellent worker, and according to the decision of the management, soon she moved to the Department of Information and Press at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Having mastered the new job, in 2003, Zakharova headed the department of operative monitoring of the media. Two years later, Mary went to New York as press secretary of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations.

In 2008, Maria returned to her home department to Moscow, but three years later she was appointed deputy head of the Department of Press and Information, and in just two years she headed it, succeeding its former chief Alexander Lukashevich. The reason for the appointment was not only Maria’s professionalism, experience, and knowledge, but also her popularity in the media. This woman was a frequent guest on numerous talk shows and did not miss any chance to express her position in social networks.
Maria Zakharova's interview [english]
She was responsible for the organization of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, led the official pages of the Ministry in social networks, provided information support to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov while he was traveling abroad. Soon Zakharova was appointed to the post of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Since, the diplomat often appeared on television explaining the official position of the Ministry, but did so informally and unconstrainedly, which repeatedly provoked heated debates and discussions.
Maria Zakharova in a swimsuit
Maria Zakharova in a swimsuit
For high professionalism, Maria Zakharova was awarded the rank of diplomatic adviser of the highest class and admission to the Council for Foreign Policy and Defense of Russia.
Maria Zakharova about «american paranioa» [eng subs]
Owing to the active, witty, sometimes even sharp advocacy of the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria was included in the top ten media ratings of Russian women for 2015-2016 as most frequently mentioned in the home media.
Maria Zakharova is one of the most powerful Russians
Maria Zakharova is one of the most powerful Russians

Personal life of Maria Zakharova

Maria does not say anything about her personal life. It is known only that she is married and her husband's name is Andrey. She raising a daughter Mariyana (born in 2010) together with her husband. During rare moments of rest, she likes to write poetry and sometimes shares it with subscribers in social networks.
Maria Zakharova is married and has a daughter
Maria Zakharova is married and has a daughter
In November 2016, on the eleventh anniversary of her wedding, Zakharova shared photos with the ceremony. The celebration was held in New York. «I worked there. The husband is a homebody. He arrived, we got married and he went home», Maria reassured her subscribers.
Wedding photo of Maria Zakharova (2005)
Wedding photo of Maria Zakharova (2005)

Maria Zakharova Now

In 2020 Maria Zakharova was still lead the Information and Press Department of the MFA. As the MFA's spokesperson. she made offiicial statements. For example, April 2nd she said. that "Washington is not just modernizing its nuclear forces, but is striving to give them new capabilities, which greatly expands the likelihood of their use".