4 women for Keanu Reeves

The acting career of Keanu Reeves is in full swing: the audience is waiting for Matrix 4, a sequel to John Wick, the directors are calling him into new projects. But the personal life of the famous artist is far in the best condition. Girls succeed one another so quickly that it’s clear: there’s no question about the wedding and family happiness of an idol.
Who could make Keanu Reeves happy?
Who could make Keanu Reeves happy?
At the same time, Keanu Reeves remains one of the most unusual and extraordinary people in the cinema: his kindness, simplicity and openness made millions of people around the world fall in love with the artist. Channel Zoomboola. ShowBusiness offers to imagine what kind of girls could become an ideal couple for Keanu, making the audience’s favorite finally happy!
Perfect match for Keanu Reeves: who is she?
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