Kevin Spacey dropped harassment charges

18 July 2019
The key witness refused to provide evidence of the guilt of the actor.

Apparently, the career of actor Kevin Spacey was destroyed in vain. Charges of sexual harassment were dropped from him due to lack of evidence of guilt.

As it became known, out of thirty accusations filed to Spacey, only one case reached the court, but it also fell apart.

The young man who was injured by the actor refused to testify about the circumstances under which he met Kevin Spacey and how exactly this acquaintance ended.
The actor Kevin Spacey dropped all accusations of harassment
The actor Kevin Spacey dropped all accusations of harassment
In 2016, an 18-year-old boy reported that Spacey was touching his genitals in one of the bars in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. He promised to provide a mobile phone with correspondence confirming this incident, but at the trial it turned out that he refused to testify in the case.

This does not mean that Spacey will immediately return all of his selected roles and rewards, as well as restore his status. It simply means that the case, as often happens in the United States, has collapsed in court.

Recall, after the first victim made accusations against Spacey, the actor hurried to make a coming-out, but he did not manage to “kill” this message with a scandal.

Another 30 people connected to the first victim, Kevin Spacey was called a “toxic” and uncomfortable actor who is capricious at the site and offends colleagues.

Soon he was withdrawn from the cast of the House of Cards, selected the Emmy Award, and also cut out all the episodes with his participation from the film All the Money of the World.

  • Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is something we must uphold.
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