Britney Spears aged during psychiatric treatment

The singer left the psychiatric clinic on April 22. Kind of its scared his fans – Britney powerfully tired, exhausted and aged.

Britney Spears went to a psychiatric hospital for treatment in early April. Although fans of the singer are convinced that she was there since January. In social networks launched a real human rights campaign in support of Britney. Fans, convinced that their idol kept in the clinic by force, even staged on the eve of the 21st of April, a protest under the Windows of the city hall in West Hollywood with demands to leave the singer alone and immediately to release her from the hospital.
Britney Spears aged during psychiatric treatmentBritney Spears aged during psychiatric treatment
According to official information, Spears herself decided to go to the clinic – after she was convinced of this by her father, who at the end of last year underwent two serious operations. The singer was so worried about his father that was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and literally started to go crazy. recalls that the version of the forced detention of stars in a psychiatric hospital has not yet been officially confirmed. But it is known that the mother of the singer actively laikala instagram posts with the hashtag "Free Britney", which gave fans confidence that Spears is in the hospital not on their own.
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