Adele could lose millions of dollars in a divorce

The singer regrets that she did not sign a marriage contract, getting married, and now is likely to lose half of his fortune.

One of her friends, Adele told reporters that the singer two years ago secretly obvenchatsya with businessman Simon Konecki, now regrets that the wedding is not signed with a preferred choice of the marriage contract.

The couple began Dating in 2011. a year Later they had a son, and five years later, Adele and Simon bought a house in one of the counties of southern England and held a private wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. This singer said at one of the concerts in Australia. The couple lived in marriage for two years, and on April 19, 2019 Adele said that she was divorcing her husband, noting that they would raise their son together.
Adele with her husband
Adele with her husband
Now the state of the singer, which is estimated at 190 million dollars, is likely to be equally divided between the spouses. noted that she Adele, apparently, does not consider your divorce a tragedy. She had already celebrated the event with her friends, including Jennifer Lawrence, in one of the bars in new York.