Zayn Malik Got a Tattoo Symbolizing His Love For Girlfriend

The young British singer Zayn Malik, who was 25on 12 January, shocked his fans in a good way.

The singer’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid posted a video on Instagram in honor of the singer’s birthday, in which Malik is demonstrating what she called the «birthday boogie».

Meanwhile, we can see a tattoo on the singer’s chest in a shape of woman's eyes, which are suspiciously resembles the eyes of his girlfriend. As tabloids’ authors stress out, if this is really true we can talk about the genuine feelings. However, Malik had done the same earlier in 2016 on his arm, when the press noticed a tattoo of a cartoon version of his former girlfriend singer Perry Edwards from the band Little Mix. The singer had dated her since 2012 and broke up in 2015.
Zayn Malik got a tattoo in Gigi Hadid’s eyes shape
Zayn Malik got a tattoo in Gigi Hadid’s eyes shape
Zayn Malik is known primarily as a member of the boy’s band One Direction. In 2015, he left the band to pursue a solo career. Since then, the singer has recorded one album and released three singles. As for his girlfriend, the 22-year-old Gigi Hadid presents few collections of Tom Ford’s brand and is a Victoria's Secret model. Glamour magazine named Gigi woman of 2017, she also managed to appear in several music videos and short films.