Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

In an Interview Magazine discussion with Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence addressed rumors about her plastic surgery. The internet has been buzzing about the actress's evolving facial appearance.

Jennifer credits her look not to surgery, but to makeup.

'I work with Hung Vanngo, who overlines the lip, and I call him a plastic surgeon, because everybody in the last few months since I’ve been working with him is convinced that I had eye surgery. I didn’t have eye surgery. I’m doing makeup,' says Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence at 19 Years Old and Now
Jennifer Lawrence at 19 Years Old and Now
Kylie concurred, noting she too is frequently suspected of plastic surgery due to her changing looks. Lawrence added that people fail to appreciate the impact of aging on appearance.
I started at 19, so I get the before and after pictures from when I’m 19 to 30 and I’m like, “I grew up. I lost baby weight in my face, and my face changed because I’m aging.” Everybody thought I had a nose job, and I’m like, “I’ve had the exact same nose. My cheeks got smaller. Thank you for bringing it up.”
Stars often have to defend their evolving faces or bodies. For example, fans previously criticized actress Sofia Vergara for supposedly having plastic surgeries, which Vergara denied, clarifying she only occasionally visits a cosmetologist.