What аnnoys Jennifer Lopez about Ben Affleck most of all

15 September 2022
It would seem that after such a beautiful and passionate reunion, an idyll reigns between the lovers, but no. There is one thing that the singer literally hates.

This summer, Jay Lo and Ben played a luxurious wedding, photos of which still continue to fill their social networks.

And it would seem, live yourself soul to soul, but no. Jennifer Lopez just can't stand one bad habit of her spouse.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
The singer does not like that her actor constantly smokes.
As a true gentleman, he had to make some concessions for the sake of his beloved: he stopped smoking at home, but he can't get rid of addiction forever.

  • He sometimes seems to fall out somewhere and stops listening. This usually happens at a time when I just need to share the most important thing. And sometimes it just disappears and does not respond to messages. I can't get used to it in any way
    2022-09-15 17:40:00