Adele told how she experienced the worst moment in her career

The singer shared her feelings with the audience in the song "My Little Love" from the latest album "30". Then she was going through a difficult period, but fortunately, everything is in the past.

Singer Adele is happy in a relationship with Rich Paul, releases new songs and gives concerts, but she also had moments that seemed unbearable.

So, after the star was going through a difficult divorce with Simon Konecki in 2019, she began to suffer from panic attacks.

The singer shares her feelings in the composition "My Little Love" from the latest album "30".
"It will be in the song about my son, at the very end of it. Then I was really scared. I had a panic attack and I called my best friend to talk to her about it, but she didn't fucking answer! This sheds light on many points… In the rest of the song, I say that I can stop acting brave only when I put my son to bed," the star admitted in an interview with Elle magazine.
Fortunately, difficult times are in the past — Adele is happy in her relationship with Rich Paul. She admitted that she had never felt so in love before.

  • It seems to me that panic attacks have become an integral part of the life of modern society. I started going to the pool in the evenings - it seemed easier
    2022-08-15 16:16:17