18 Photos of The Most Funny Corgi Dog Breed

The dogs of corgi breed are considered to be good companions. This means that corgi is a perfect dog for any owner: the dog will be glad to accompany you during active journeys and won't refuse to chill near you on the sofa without playing or running.

Originally, corgis were sheepdogs, but today these cute dogs pretty often become real family members, getting on well with other pets and children. It's not surprising that these animals are the choice of Great Britain's Queen. Website uznayvse.ru gathered the funniest photos of corgi which will tell some more facts about this amazing breed.
Corgi breed dogs can be born both with a tail or without it. That's not a health-disadvantage or the result of tail docking. In Asia the butt of corgi is the real icon: owners trim patterns and put different accessories on it.
They say, these dogs have amazing sense of humour. In fact, many people are confused because of corgi's snout: it seems that the animals are smiling constantly.
Though, sometimes they really joke pretty well.
Corgis are active dogs. In the past they were sheepdogs, so used to run a lot.
Most of all they like to run with their friends.
But they also don't mind to sleep, to be honest.
Especially when near there is someone warm to hug.
Corgis eat everything, so their owners seldom face any problems with their feeding.
But still it's better to control the dog's ration…
… and make sure that the animal gets enough water.
By the way, corgis enjoy swimming a lot.
And they are always ready to join anyone in the pool.
Or to come to the rescue of a drowning man!
These dogs depress a lot when their owners are gone.
But they would be glad to accompany people while travelling.