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Emma Mackey
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Emma Mackey
Real name:
Emma Margaret Tachard-Mackey
Who is:
Birth date:
(28 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Le Mans, Sarthe, France
5'7 ft ()
121 lb (55 kg)
Birth Sign:
Chinese zodiac:

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Biography of Emma Mackey

Emma Mackey is a rising movie star who has become famous after the first series of Sex Ed, a new and sensational project of Netflix.
The French actress Emma Mackey
The French actress Emma Mackey

Her Childhood

Emma Mackey was born on January 4, 1996, in Le Mans, France. The girl has the blood of French and English aristocrats. The actress’s mother, Rachel, is a well-known public figure and philanthropist, and his father is a school director.

Emma spent her childhood in the Sarthe department, in the picturesque resort of Sable. At the age of 14, she entered the College of Nantes, and three years later, she received a bachelor’s degree in Literature.
Emma Mackey as a child and her family
Emma Mackey as a child and her family
In 2013, she moved to her mother's homeland, where she entered the University of Leeds. During her studies, she became interested in the theater, participated in the productions of the local amateur troupe, and by the end of her studies, she chose acting as her future career.

The Beginning of Her Career

In 2016, the young Emma auditioned and got a role in the British television horror drama, Badger Lane, filmed in the genre of pseudo-documentary. It told a story about the mystical phenomena that were faced by a group of young journalists who were shooting the movie in an abandoned brick factory. Young and not very well-known British actors Sam Andrews and Philip Lois Anamoa starred with Emma in this movie.
Emma Mackey in the movie Badger Lane
Emma Mackey in the movie Badger Lane
In 2018, Emma Mackey starred with Freddy Thorpe in the drama Fever. The dramatic story of two climbers, who wanted to set the record and as soon as possible to conquer the three most dangerous peaks of the world, having killed a lot of brave men, became popular in Britain. This movie made the young actress well-known in other countries.

Personal Life of Emma Mackey

In 2018, Mackey was 22 years old. In an interview after the release of Fever, she expressed her intention to develop an acting career. However, fans of the young actress say that she has a boyfriend. His name is David Whittle and, according to media reports, he works as a model.
Emma and David
Emma and David
It is known that Emma goes in for sports. She has no bad habits. Being a vegetarian, she does not eat meat and wear clothes made of leather and fur.

The actress is often compared with Hollywood star Margot Robbie. According to fans, the girls are alike.
Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie are alike
Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie are alike

Emma Mackey Now

Another Netflix movie, released in January 2019, made a lot of noise again. The comedy-drama series Sex Ed reveals the problems faced by every teenager during adulthood.
The Emma Mackey Sex Education Interview | Netflix IX
The creators present the themes of self-identification, self-acceptance and sexuality, sexual orientation, the first romantic love, and first sexual experience in a light and ironic, but at the same time, delicate manner.
The height of Emma Mackey is 171 cm
The height of Emma Mackey is 171 cm
Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Kedar Williams-Stirling, and others played the schoolchildren of the average American town. Emma Mackey starred as pink-haired Maeve, a bad girl-outsider. The actress immediately became the object of attention, and she was named the opening of the season. Gillian Anderson, Alistair Petrie, and James Purefoy also played in Sex Ed. Critics called the TV series a book on sex education for children and not only.
Participation in the series helped Emma reach a new level. In 2020, several films are expected with her participation at once. Among them - the detective drama "Death on the Nile", in which the girl will play the role of Jacqueline de Bellefort, the thriller "The Winter Lake". Also in 2021, the premiere of the drama film "Eiffel" is expected, in which Emma will also take part.

  • I have not even watched anything with this actress, but I think she is very promising!
    2021-04-13 11:58:40
  • It`s actually very important to show TV shows like Sex Education. And Emma is so much integrated into the role that it takes my breath away!
    2021-04-09 19:08:24
  • This is my favourite TV series «Sex Education», and the beauty Emma Mackey was filmed there! In one of the main roles :)
    2021-03-19 15:57:00
  • I didn`t even expect Emma to be only 24 years old! A girl younger than me has already achieved so many successes.
    2021-03-05 12:17:19
  • Such a young actress Mackey, but already so popular! She`s got a chance to act in a lot of films.
    2021-02-18 17:36:54