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Dafne Keen
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Dafne María Keen Fernández
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(19 y.o.)
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5'1 ft ()
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Dafne Keen's Biography

Dafne Keen is a young American actress of Anglo-Spanish descent who played a key role in the movie "Logan," released in March 2017. This Wolverine movie marked her official acting debut in Hollywood. In 2019, she landed the lead role in the series "His Dark Materials."

Early Life

Dafne Keen was born on January 1, 2005, in an Anglo-Spanish family. Her full name is Dafne Keen Fernandez. Her father, Will Keen, is a renowned British actor, while her mother, Maria Fernandez Ache, is a Spanish writer, actress, and theater director. From a young age, Dafne has been fluent in both English and Spanish, making her bilingual.

Before starting her acting career, Dafne Keen pursued dancing and gymnastics, giving her strong physical training.

Acting Career

In 2014, Dafne Keen appeared in an episode of the sci-fi series "The Refugees" alongside her father. The 8-episode series, which aired on Spanish TV, told the story of a group of people from the future returning to the present, aiming to address the growing refugee crisis and find a place to live. After realizing her passion for cinema and attending numerous auditions, Dafne caught the attention of director James Mangold a year later. He cast her in "Logan" as the mutant with superpowers, X-23 Laura Kinney.
Dafne Keen's Audition Tape with Hugh Jackman
Initially, the role was intended for young gymnast Sienna Novikov, who declined due to a busy training schedule.
Logan Behind-the-Scenes Feature: X-23's Claws + Dafne Keen as Laura
In an interview, James Mangold admitted that he was looking specifically for a child actor with high standards. He was impressed by Dafne in "The Refugees." Apart from her age, her bilingual skills were a plus. What sealed the deal were her large brown eyes that, according to the director, conveyed Laura's inherent innocence despite moments of cruelty.

Throughout the filming, the crew acknowledged that Dafne worked as hard as the adult actors. She endured long filming days, practiced fight scenes, and even performed some of the stunts herself. Hugh Jackman, who played the lead role of Logan/Wolverine, praised Dafne's phenomenal talents during their collaboration. James Mangold remarked on her physical strength and unique acting abilities, assuring that her Hollywood debut would mark the successful beginning of her career, much like Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman, who also started on the big screen at a young age.
Hugh and Dafne interview at the MTV Movie & Tv Awards
Dafne Keen's Hollywood debut was in an R-rated film, mainly because of its violent scenes. Many of these scenes featured Dafne herself. The American online publication "Heavy" humorously noted that few of Dafne's peers and friends would be able to appreciate her work without parental permission.

Dafne Keen's performance so impressed the film's director, James Mangold, that he began considering a potential continuation of mutant X-23 Laura Kinney's story within a special X-Men universe project.
Dafne Keen in the series 'His Dark Materials'
Dafne Keen in the series 'His Dark Materials'
However, her next major role was in the fantasy series "His Dark Materials," based on the novels by Philip Pullman. Dafne plays a girl named Lyra. In her world, magic is commonplace, and every individual has a daemon, a spirit animal. After her parents' deaths, her uncle Asriel (James McAvoy) looks after her. A series of events forces her to fear for her life and flee from London.
DAFNE KEEN Talks Acting, Auditions and TV Shows
Dafne starred in "His Dark Materials" from 2019 to 2022. Discussing the series' ending in an interview with RadioTimes, she said:
I'd describe the ending as bittersweet. It's sad realizing you're leaving behind all these people with whom you had such a great time on set. It's an unforgettable experience, and I'll miss it.

Dafne Keen's Personal Life

After appearing in Theo Planell's music video for “Let It Bloom” in 2021, rumors began circulating about a romance between the two. Later, she appeared in his video for “Todo sobra menos tu.” In January 2023, Theo wished Dafne a happy birthday on social media, stating, "Happy birthday, Dafne, I love you with all my heart."
Dafne Keen and Theo Planell
Dafne Keen and Theo Planell
Dafne Keen enjoys ballet, acapella singing, and acrobatics.
Dafne Keen in Theo Planell's music video
After filming "Logan," Dafne became close with Hugh Jackman and his kids, even spending time with them at a water park.

Dafne Keen Now

Following the finale of "His Dark Materials," Dafne Keen joined the Star Wars universe. She will appear in the series "The Acolyte," set to release on Disney+ in 2024, focusing on the events leading up to Palpatine's rise to power. Dafne hinted that her character is a Jedi:
...I can't say much. I can say she's an alien. She's very cool, very cool. She gets to play with lightsabers a bit, which is fun, and I really enjoy it... Being a Jedi is simply an honor.

  • From the side of a colleague of young Dafne Keane, it is very nice that Hugh Jackman and his children still spend time with her.
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  • Not every child succeeds in playing in one film and directly interacting with the famous Hugh Jackman :)
    2021-05-15 18:32:27
  • I was honestly amazed by this little girl auditioning for the role in «Logan»!
    2021-04-19 10:42:25
  • It`s cool that Dafne can speak two languages fluently since childhood. But soon it will be the norm, and not something surprising.
    2021-04-15 11:15:33
  • Well, what can I say about the child? Well, dear girl this Keene, nothing more ...
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