Jennifer Lopez has postponed the wedding with Alex Rodriguez

Failures in trying to build an alliance with Alex Rodriguez have been plagued by Jay Lo for a long time - although the former Yankees player made a marriage proposal to the singer in early 2019, they still have not been able to get married.

The reason why the chic wedding in Italy, scheduled for early summer, was postponed, was the pandemic and the global crisis caused by it - the governments of the countries impose bans on wedding ceremonies. That is why lovers get married either by video link or wait for the end of quarantine.
Jennifer Lopez received a proposal of marriage in 2019
Jennifer Lopez received a proposal of marriage in 2019
Lopez and Rodriguez decided to wait. That is why in one of the American shows, the singer said that her heart was broken due to the cancellation of the wedding, which had high hopes. Jennifer also noted that a long wait for the ceremony can be a kind of blessing and proof that she and Rodriguez really should be together.
Remind you that in 2019 the pair will have a large-scale discord. Former basketball player Rodriguez has accused of treason Jay Law - the athlete was spotted with his ex-wife. After the release of this information, Alex appeared in public with a huge bruise, which fans considered the revenge from Lopez for infidelity.

By the way, some couples did not wait for the end of the quarantine for the wedding. So, on self-isolation, Emma Stone secretly engaged to her long-time boyfriend, producer Dave McCary.