Kit Harington appeared in a TV show without a beard

The performer of the role of John Snow in "Game of Thrones" shocked the audience of the show Saturday Night Live, appearing in the Studio with a short haircut, without a beard.

Actor Kit Harington on Tuesday, April 9, took part in the famous TV program, shocking the audience in a new way. He showed up at the Studio with a short haircut, clean-shaven, and said, "I just shaved and now look like Jon snow, who plays for the Yankees."
Kit Harington without beard in 2019Kit Harington without beard in 2019
Fans of "Game of thrones" actively began to discuss the event on Twitter. Among others was a comment: "I'm suing this show for the fact that Kit Harington shaved off his beard, it's a complete parody".

The actor explained his new image that is now busy on the set, in which he plays Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill. Last time the audience saw Harrington without a beard in 2016.
Kit Harington with beard and without it in 2016Kit Harington with beard and without it in 2016 recalls that on April 14 will premiere the final season of the series "Game of Thrones".
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