Eminem`s video «Stan» was parodied on the web, but it turned out about Alexei Navalny.

30 January 2019
Youth movement "The Net" recorded a parody video. It's a variation of Eminem's "Stan" – only instead of pop star was Alexei Navalny, and instead of Stan's fan – Russian schoolboy Stepan.

According to the commentary on the video, the parody isn't related to any real characters. All characters are fictional and the plot is vital. However, in the video were mentioned Alexei Navalny and the abbreviation ACF (The Anti-Corruption Foundation). {A picture from the parody video "Stepan"} In the story, an eleventh grader Stepan writes several letters to Navalny and sends him money. Without waiting for a reply, goes to jail for causing physical harm to the law enforcement officer while on duty.
Parody music video about Alexey Navalny's fans
However, it should be noted the technical level of the video (good level) and artistic merit (fall below expectations). Among other things, the song rhymes with the words "Stepan - man - fan", "gadgets- badges," and the others "understandable - uncomfortable."
Eminem – Stan (Official Music Video)