Shakira Says Relationship with Gerard Piqué Cost Her Career

Singer Shakira told reporters she had to sacrifice her career for her relationship with former Spain national team player Gerard Piqué.

In an interview with The Times, the "Whenever, Wherever" singer shared her desire to always be near Gerard and spend a lot of time with their children, which is why she decided to put her career on hold.

"For a long time I put my career on hold, to be next to Gerard, so he could play football. "There was a lot of sacrifice for love," she said.

Shakira also reflected on how relationships between athletes and creative people might fail due to opposing views on empathy: "Empathy is key in an artist's work. An athlete is in a constant state of war and has to avoid empathy at all costs. “That's why it's probably a really bad idea for an artist to hook up with an athlete."
Piqué and Shakira
Piqué and Shakira
Currently, the singer is not dating anyone. At least, she did not share this with reporters, noting that she "does not know what she needs" in terms of romantic relationships. reminds that former "Manchester United" player Piqué and Shakira split up in 2022. During their relationship, the couple had two sons, Milan and Sasha. Media reports suggested that the breakup occurred due to Gerard's infidelity.