Antonio Banderas with his bride and daughter appeared at the festival

Next to the actor, who was enthusiastically watching what was happening on stage, his beloved Nicole was noticed, she was filming the event on her phone.

61-year-old Antonio Banderas visited the Starlite festival in Marbella, Spain. The Spanish actor was accompanied by his beloved Nicole Kempel and daughter Stella del Carmen.

The actor fully enjoyed what was happening on stage — fans recognized that he looks incredibly happy surrounded by his beloved women.
Antonio Banderas with his bride Nicole
Antonio Banderas with his bride Nicole
Angelina Jolie's partner in the movie "Temptation" was not shy about photographers. He openly admired what was happening on stage. Next to him, the paparazzi noticed his beloved, the banker Nicole. She filmed everything that was happening on her phone and, together with Banderas, applauded the band performing on stage.
Together with the star father, Stella, the daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, attended the festival. By the way, the stars signed three months before the birth of the girl. The couple divorced in 2015, but still maintains friendly relations.
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