Emma Watson spoke about the filming of the most problematic scene of «Harry Potter»

Who would have thought that Ron and Hermione's kiss turned out to be one of the most problematic moments of the picture "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2". At least because the whole set wanted to look at him.

Emma Watson once again recalled the famous moment from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2". Answering a question from journalists, the actress noted that the shooting of this scene caused a lot of problems for her and her partner Rupert Grint.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Since the whole film crew wanted to see Ron and Hermione kiss, it was awkward for the actors to kiss on camera.
Ron and Hermione's kiss
Emma also noted that it was not easy for her to kiss Grint, because she perceived him as a brother. On the set, both actors could not concentrate – they were constantly laughing. As a result, the episode was filmed only when Watson gathered herself and took matters into her own hands.
  • You know, it all depends on the circumstances. Of course, if you consider that this is the work of actors, then it does not matter whether you can or not - you will have to do it anyway, even if it contradicts your principles. I think that if the partner was cute, then I wouldn't worry too much
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