Roman Abramovich offered a Swiss businessman to buy Chelsea football club

After the sanctions imposed by the UK, the former governor of Chukotka decided to sell the club. The businessman turned to financiers from America who are interested in deals with sports owners.

Roman Abramovich, who handed over the management of the English Chelsea to the trustees of a charitable foundation, expressed his intention to sell the club. A Russian businessman offered to buy it to 86-year-old Hansjörg Wyss.
Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003
Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003
The famous biathlete Alexander Tikhonov spoke about the planned high-profile deal. According to him, too much money is being spent on the club from England. “Why are we spending millions on Chelsea? Abramovich should live in Magadan, not London. We are looking for reasons, but we ourselves ruined everything, ”said the four-time Olympic champion.

In 2003, Chelsea were on the brink of bankruptcy. Then it was acquired by Roman Arkadyevich. He paid off all his debts and acquired leading football players from different countries. The purchase amount was about 140 million pounds. After the arrival of the Russian businessman, the team became the winner of the English Premier League five times. In 2012, the London club won the Champions League for the first time in its history, and in 2021 they repeated the success.

Now, Abramovich has offered 86-year-old Swiss businessman Hansjörg Wyss to buy Chelsea. The club owe Abramovich £2bn and the buyer will have to pay all the money to him. wants to remind that on March 1, Apple Corporation has stopped deliveries of equipment to Russia. This decision was made in response to the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

On February 24th Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. On the 28th of February Russian and Ukrainian delegations had a meeting on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border near the Pripyat River to discuss the situation, but they didn't get any results yet.