Media: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are engaged after 10 years of relationship

Gosling and Mendes are one of the most charming couples in Hollywood, but lovers are not connected by notorious cliche.

So, having met in 2011 on the set of the film "The Place Beyond the Pines", their romance dragged on for a long time: after 3 years they had a daughter, Esmeralda, and after another 2 - Amanda. Eva Mendes confessed several times that she had never dreamed of children, but everything changed after meeting with Gosling. Perhaps the attitude of lovers to marriage has also changed over time?
An engagement ring was seen on Eve's finger
An engagement ring was seen on Eve's finger
Both the media and the fans of the couple are sure of this: in February 2020, they managed to catch the family out for a walk. Despite the protective masks on the face, as well as the great distance, the paparazzi still managed to see a wedding ring on Eve's hand.

Fans of the Hollywood couple are delighted that after 10 years of relationship and after the birth of two adorable children, the actors decided to legalize their relationship. However, we will not find out the exact information soon: both Gosling and Mendes prefer not to communicate with journalists, so no details about their personal life almost come out outside the family abode. The editors of note that recently another "long-awaited" marriage proposal took place - 52-year-old singer Kylie Minogue is getting married. And in 2020, Emma Stone had a secret marriage - now the actress is expecting a child from Dave McCurry.