`Tons of Botox`: Jennifer Lopez fans accused of injecting abuse

Recently, 51-year-old Jay Lo shared her beauty secrets with fans. On her Instagram, the singer posted a video in which she demonstrates the effect of her cosmetic brand.

Lopez explained that she had just taken off her cosmetic mask, so the results can be seen naturally on Jennifer's face. Using the product, the singer said that she seemed to be a decade younger.
Jennifer Lopez fans accused of injecting abuse
Jennifer Lopez fans accused of injecting abuse
However, fans considered her behavior insincere. Lopez's followers accused her of using tons of Botox, noting that there were a lot of injections. Also, one of Jennifer's fans wrote that she does not notice any contractions on her face when the singer shows emotions.
The editors of uznayvse.ru notes that Jay Lo herself claims that she has never done plastic surgery and single injections, and she owes her beauty to genes. The singer also commented on this situation. Jennifer suggested that haters not waste time on negativity and spend it more benevolently.
We remind you that Jennifer Lopez is far from the only star who looks great after 45. Cameron Diaz also succeeded, however, the actress does not deny the abuse of injections - she spoke about her negative experiences and even wrote a book with the secrets of her beauty. We wrote about this here.