30 most beautiful women in the world before and after plastics

Unable to accept the appearance given by nature, many people resort to plastic surgery. Correcting an uneven nose or changing the shape of the face - people often come to the doctor with these requests.

Celebrities are especially often engaged in improving their appearance because life under the gun of cameras requires them to. However, operations are not always beneficial - some stars change beyond recognition after plastic surgery.
It is also worth noting that some of the Hollywood beauties that the whole world admires were also not always the way we are used to seeing them. For example, to look the way she does now, Victoria Beckham did a tremendous amount of work on her nose and eye slits. Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively did the same with their appearance.
Jennifer Aniston before and after plastic surgery
Jennifer Aniston before and after plastic surgery
Other stars do not paint the changes that have taken place - seeing what happened to Uma Thurman after other plastics, the fans were unpleasantly surprised. Then they noted that she followed "in the footsteps" of Renee Zellweger, who also unsuccessfully "reshaped" her face.

In our selection - 30 photos of Hollywood stars before and after plastic surgery. Evaluate how plastic surgery has changed your favorite stars, and who began to look better, and who lost their true appearance?