Stephen Fry turns 63: what did he go through and who brought him back to life?

The early life of Britain's “symbol”, Stephen Fry, was difficult, despite the wealth of his family. The actor was expelled from two schools, and at the age of 17, he spent three months in prison for fraud with parents' credit cards.

Steve realized in time that he was walking on a crooked path, and his fate took a new turn: having entered Cambridge, he received a degree in English literature. In the early 1980s, he connected his life with theater, staging the musical "Me and My Girlfriend", and his university acquaintance with Hugh Laurie led him to his film debut in Jeeves and Wooster.

By the mid-90s, Frye became the brightest star of British sitcoms and sketches, but he had no one to share the joy of success. The actor realized his homosexuality from school, so he did not manage to “get out of the shadows” and build a relationship right away. Stephen did not exchange for short affairs and lived alone until almost 40 years old.
Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer
Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer
Everything changed in 1995 when Stephen met Daniel Cohen, a cosmetics and vitamin salesman. Fry became a happy husband and at the same time played his main role in the film "Wilde" (1997).

The partners lived together for fifteen years and broke up in 2010 when Stephen fell in love with another man. However, this union did not become eternal - the couple soon broke up, and Fry, by that time already suffering from bipolar disorder, fell into a deep depression. The actor even tried to commit suicide, but, fortunately, the producer managed to save him.
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Comedian Elliot Spencer, whom Stephen met in 2015, was able to bring him back to life. A few months after they met, Spencer and Fry got engaged, never parting again. Steven's best friend, Hugh Laurie, became the best man at the wedding. Fry has been happily married for several years and will celebrate his 63rd birthday in the company of his beloved and dear people.