Who`s the best actress from the «Game of Thrones»?

The «Game of Thrones» gave us several dozen unforgettable watches and lots of bright female characters. The revenge and nobility, courage and prudence, maternal love and passion were embodied on the screen due to the efforts of tremendous actresses. There is a collection of the 12 most memorable heroines of this cult series. While fans are wondering how will the struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms end, we suggest giving your voice to your favorites.

1. Michelle Fairley

Michelle Fairley

The native of Northern Ireland Michelle Fairlie, the performer of the role of Caitlin Stark, successfully plays both on the stage and on British television series. Hollywood is deeply disgusted for actress, although after the contract expiration with HBO she has still starred in the thriller «In the Heart of the Sea» (2015) with Chris Hemsworth.

2. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

The first Sophie Turner`s role, Sansa Stark from the «Game of Thrones», brought a red-haired (although by nature she is blonde) actress world fame. Among other successful projects there is participation in the X-Men project, where she`s played Jean Gray (later the Dark Phoenix), and a role in the comedy «Barely Lethal».

3. Oona Chaplin

Oona Chaplin

Genes did their best: being the great-granddaughter of the legendary Charlie Chaplin and daughter Geraldine Chaplin, Oona Chaplin became an actress. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2007 the girl started acting in television series, and in 2012 she was invited to the «Game of Thrones», where the Spanish young woman played magnificently Talisa Maegyr, the promised wife of King of the North Robb Stark.

4. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

In 2009, Emilia Clarke played her first role in the series «Doctors», and soon received the role of Daenerys Targaryen, which became a turning point in her career. Participation in the project made her the highest paid actress of British television, millions of viewers have fallen in love with this ash-haired girl with iron strength of spirit.

5. Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten

One of the most famous Dutch actresses, Carice van Houten, was awarded the prestigious national «Golden Calf» three times, although she began her career from small theatrical stages. Carice successfully acted in national films and on television, but the world fame came to her after participating in the «Game of Thrones», where she was given the role of priestess of fire.

6. Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

The talented Briton Natalie Dormer comprehended the secrets of the acting profession in the Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, and in 2005 she made her first debut in cinema in the film «Casanova». In 2011 she joined the friendly team of the «Game of Thrones», where she played the bride of King Joffrey Margaery Tyrell. According to the script, her heroine is 15 years old, while the actress was almost 30 at that time.

7. Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel

At the age of 18 Nathalie Emmanuel successfully appeared in television series, and in 2013 she was invited to the «Game of Thrones» for the role of Missandeya, a former slave and Daenerys` confidante. After the success on television she came to the big cinema and successfully embodied the character of hacker Ramsey in two parts of the «Fast and the Furious» with Vin Diesel.

8. Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams

The role of an obsessed by revenge Arya Stark was a debut for Maisie Williams. She worked also in the 9 season well-known English series «Doctor Who» and in the Irish tragicomedy «Gold». In 2017 Maisie was approved for the role in the superhero film «The New Mutants».

9. Lena Headey

Lena Headey

As a child Lena Headey dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, but at the age of 17 she took part in the shooting of the film «Waterland», and here it comes. The debut role was the start of successful acting career: a girl with delicate features and a noble posture was regularly engaged in filming. After participating in the «Game of Thrones» nobody could present another actress as the imperious Queen Cersei Lannister.

10. Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie

British actress and model Gwendoline Christie`s career began on the stage of the London Palladium Theater, and in 2007 the talented actress started acting in the cinema. She is widely known for the role of Brienne Tarth in the television series «Game of Thrones». Gwendoline ideally matched the book description of Brienne - when the tall (191 cm) actress appeared in the armor in front of the casting managers, all doubts have disappeared.

11. Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

Falling in love with the theater at the age of 12, one year later Diana made her debut on the stage. There are many great roles on her account, including in the television series «Game of Thrones». According to our convictions her heroine, Olenna Tyrell, became one of the brightest characters of the series.

12. Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie

Scotswoman Rose Leslie (by the way, she is from an old aristocratic family) began her career performing on the stage. The first television fame came to her after the role of maid Gwen from «Downton Abbey», and when she transformed in the impudent wild Igritt from the «Game of Thrones». Notably, the romantic relationship of her character with John Snow turned into a real love with Kit Harington.