15 photos of rare and fancy cat breeds

Cats are perhaps the closest pets to our hearts, to which we treat with special warmth. However, in addition to the British Fold, Siamese, and Persian, which people most often prefer to have at home, there are others, very unusual.

In the photo collection from the editors of Zoomboola.com there are 15 rare cat breeds that you may not even have guessed about.
Among the most exotic can be identified Kao mani - a cat of this breed has eyes of different colors, which gives it a magical look. Oriental cats look no less impressive - these pets look slender and very proud. However, despite the outward indifference, this breed was and remains one of the most friendly.
Cats breeds Oriental
Cats breeds Oriental
Some cat species look very hybrid and unusual to the eye. For example, the dwelf, which is a mestizo of three breeds at once: the sphinx, the American curl, and the munchkin. That is why the cat inherited from its “ancestors” curved ears, short legs, and the absence of hair.
You can look at other exotic cats and, possibly, look for a new and unusual pet for yourself in our photo selection.

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