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Rebel Wilson
Real name:
Melanie Elizabeth Bownds
Birth date:
(44 y.o.)
5'3 ft ()
256 lb (116 kg)
Birth Sign:
Chinese zodiac:

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Rebel Wilson’s biography

Rebel Wilson is one of the most charismatic and memorable actresses-comedians in Hollywood. Her dazzling smile, lush figure, and her ability to make impetuous fun brought Wilson to lead roles in popular comedies like the «Bachelorette» (Becky), «The Perfect Voice» (Amy), «Bridesmaids» (Brynn). The author, director, and performer of the lead role in the «Super Fun Night» (Kimmie) TV series. Net worth: $22 million.
In the photo: Rebel Wilson
In the photo: Rebel Wilson

Childhood and Youth

The Australian Bound family having many children named their third daughter born in Sydney in the spring of 1980 Rebel Melanie Elizabeth. Two girls already grew in the family - Annelise and Liberty, and also a boy named Riot. Already in conscious age, the future actress changed her surname Bound to Wilson, her mother's maiden name, and asked to be called by her first name given to her from birth - Rebel.
Rebel Wilson in childhood
Rebel Wilson in childhood
All the names of the children of the Bound family were not chosen by chance. Liberty means «freedom», Annelise’s home name was «Annachi», which is pronounced accordant to «Anarchy», Riot is translated as «rebel».
The name Rebel turned out to be predictive to some extent - years later Rebel challenged the settled Hollywood standards of female beauty and proved that one can be desirable, beautiful, and talented even with the XXL size of clothes.
Rebel’s mother, a professional dog handler and shower, also shared her passion with her spouse. Together they kept a nursery for the breeding of a hunting dog breed Bigley and traded related products for dog breeders. Timid and shy chubby Rebel then suffered from her imperfections and tried to communicate with her peers as little as possible, immersed herself in her studies and favorite mathematics.

Concerned about her daughter’s condition, her mother decided that the children's acting school would help Rebel get rid of her complexes. Despite the girl’s tears and reluctance to get out of the car, the woman almost forcibly took her daughter to the first lesson, promising to pick her up exactly in a couple of hours. This was the first step towards social adaptation.
Young Rebel Wilson
Young Rebel Wilson
Rebel failed to lose weight, but she stopped being ashamed of her non-standard forms, and with the help of her teacher named Bowmaker, at the age of 14 she participated in a contest of improvised debate. After graduating from secondary school, she enrolled in a volunteer program for youth exchanges and visited South Africa.
As Wilson herself told later, the bouts of malaria she experienced in the country caused her visions in which she, the famous actress, walks the podium and receives an Oscar. When Rebel returned from a trip to Australia, she had finally decided who she wanted to be in the future.

First roles

In South Wales the girl received a bachelor's degree in law and theatrical art and then decided to continue her acting lessons, hoping to become a dramatic actress. But life decided otherwise. Rebel became a scholar and participant in the new comedy theater project «The Second City» in New York, then a host and participant in popular Australian shows («Pizza», «The Wedge», etc.), then in 2008 she wrote the script for the «Bogan Pride» sitcom, where she played the lead role.
Rebel Wilson. Showreel
For six episodes, viewers were introduced to the story of Jenny Cragg, an obese girl who is trying to make money for an operation for her mother, who is chained to a wheelchair because of excess weight. In parallel, Jenny is trying to win the heart of a cute young man, put in place her bitch-classmate, and keep relationships with friends: religious fanatic Amy and hypochondriac Nigel.

Career in Hollywood

Achieving recognition in her home country, Wilson, the «proud fat woman» of Australia, went to Hollywood, where she signed a contract with the William Morris Endeavor agency and received her first serious role in the «Bridesmaids» comedy by Paul Feig. Her charming Brynn was a success, despite the fact that there was a more experienced «movie fat woman» Melissa McCarthy.
Rebel Wilson in the «Bridesmaids»
Rebel Wilson in the «Bridesmaids»
One of the directors interested in Rebel was Leslye Headland, who offered the extraordinary actress to play the role of Becky in the «Bachelorette» (2012) comedy. In the company of Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher Wilson conquered the audience, after which she was invited by director Jason Moore to the «Pitch Perfect» comedy melodrama to play fat Amy, an acapella singer. MTV recognized the actress the «Breakthrough of the Year» and soon the second and third sequels followed with Wilson in the lead role.
Rebel Wilson in the «Pitch Perfect»
Rebel Wilson in the «Pitch Perfect»
According to, in 2012 Rebel became a director, screenwriter, and the lead actress of the «Super Fun Night« comedy series. In the story, Wilson’s character Kimmie and her two friends come together every Friday night for 13 years. Everything changes when the girl decides to transfer her relationship with her lawyer friend (Kevin Bishop) to a new level.
Rebel Wilson in the Super Fun Night series
Rebel Wilson in the Super Fun Night series
Though the series won the People's Choice Awards as the best new sitcom and Rebel Wilson was nominated for the same award as «the best new actress of TV series», «Super Fun Night» was not extended for the second season due to the low ratings - it was rated positively only by 30% of viewers. However, some critics called Rebel’s play «a glimmer of hope».
THE HUSTLE - Official Trailer
Next Rebel appeared in the third part of the «Night at the Museum» by Ben Stiller as Tilly, a security guard at the British Museum. Then followed the «How to Be Single» comedy melodrama by Christian Ditter, where Rebel embodied the image of Robin, and the «Grimsby« comedy action by Louis Leterrier, where the actress played Dawn, the wife of one of the main characters. Wilson worked with Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong on the set.
«Grimsby»: Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen
«Grimsby»: Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen
In 2019 the «Isn't It Romantic?» fantasy picture by Todd Strauss-Schulson appeared on the screens, where Rebel played the main character, Natalie. She could also be seen in Chris Addison's «The Hustle» accompanied by Anne Hathaway.
Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth in the «Isn’t It Romantic?»
Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth in the «Isn’t It Romantic?»
The actress accepted Jake Szymański's offer to play the lead role in his «Social Life» comedy. Amanda Seyfried will be Wilson’s partner in her funny adventures on the web and in real life. According to information from 2020, the film is still in production to this day.
Rebel Wilson telling children about love, Tinder and AIDs at The Ellen DeGeneres Show
As a director who owns her own «Camp Sugar» film company, Rebel has the exclusive rights to film the trilogy based on the «Crowded» comics. It is known that the events of the picture will take place in the near future, where you can order the murder of a person using a mobile application and Wilson will play one of the key characters.

Rebel Wilson’s personal life

Rebel has ascribed an affair with Matt Lucas, who is known to everyone today as an open gay. But it turned out they were just friends and shared an apartment in Los Angeles.
The journalists also tried to «marry» Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine after joint shootings, but the actors only chuckle, despite MTV's Best Kiss Award (for a scene in the Perfect Voice).
Best Kiss of the Year by Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine
In 2019, Rebel began to date Jacob Busch, businessman and billionaire. Their first met happened due to common friends. They were a couple for 2 years. According to Rebel’s close friend, Jacob is a good guy, but Rebel is looking for another type of man for a long-term relationship.
Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch
Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch
Rebel lost at least 75 pounds and now she looks like completely different person. The actress used to have a hearty breakfast with porridge or eggs, cook dinner with high protein food, drink a lot of water and green tea throughout the day. Also, she refused sugar, alcohol and coffee.
Rebel Wilson weight loss: before and after
Rebel Wilson weight loss: before and after

Rebel Wilson Now

The actress is actively shooting in films. In May 2022, she appeared as a main character in the Senior Year comedy movie. She played 37 years old woman who have been in coma for the last 20 years. After awakening, she returned to high school.
Rebel Wilson in Senior Year
Rebel Wilson in Senior Year

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