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Natalia Poklonskaya

Name: Natalia Poklonskaya (Natalia Poklonskaia)

Birth date: 18 of March 1980 (40 y.o.)

Place of birth: Mikhailovka, Lugansk region, Ukraine

Height: 5'6 ft

Weight: 130 lb

Birth Sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Career: Politicians & Statesmen


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Biography of Natalia Poklonskaia

Natalia Poklonskaia is a lawyer, a state counselor of justice of the third class (which in military field corresponds to the rank of Major-General). Since May 2, 2014, she held the post of Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea. In September 2016, she was elected to the State Duma of the seventh convocation and thus had to leave Crimea and started her public service in the capital of Russia.
Natalia Poklonskaia is Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea and State Duma deputy
Natalia Poklonskaia is Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea and State Duma deputy
As soon as she received the deputy mandate, Poklonskaia was appointed the chairman of the Duma committee – the one engaged in verifying the data on incomes and real estate of deputies. She also joined the anti-corruption commission (as a deputy chairman) and the commission analyzing budget expenditure for the defense and law enforcement departments.

Childhood and the family of Natalia Poklonskaia

Natalia Poklonskaia (her maiden name is Dubrovskaia) was born on March 18, 1980, in the village of Mikhailovka in Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk) region in an ordinary family. Both of her grandfathers perished in the World War II, one of her grandmothers survived the fascist occupation. Respectively, Natalia's parents raised their daughter as a true patriot.
Two grandfathers of Poklonskaia died during the Second World War
Two grandfathers of Poklonskaia died during the Second World War
In 1990, the family moved to Crimea and settled in the village of Uyutnoye in the Saki region. Here Natalia graduated from high school as well as the piano department at the music school.
Childhood pictures of Natalia Poklonskaia
Childhood pictures of Natalia Poklonskaia
After graduation, Natalia made a professional choice: she wanted to serve in law enforcement agencies and thus entered the Evpatoria branch of the Kharkov University of Internal Affairs. She graduated successfully in 2002.
Natalia Poklonskaia with classmates
Natalia Poklonskaia with classmates

The beginning of Natalia Poklonskaia's career

Natalia Poklonskaia started her career with the position of an assistant prosecutor in the Krasnogvardeysky district of Crimea (until 2006). Later she was promoted to the assistant prosecutor of Yevpatoriia (until 2010). During the next year and a half, Natalia replaced the head of the Department of Supervision for the Law Observance on the part of Agencies combating organized crime in the Crimean Prosecutor's Office.

The first notorious case Natalia Poklonskaia headed is that of the organized racket gang «Bashmaki». In 2011, Poklonskaia performed as a state prosecutor at the trial against ex-deputy of the Crimean Council Ruvim Aronov, one of the leaders of this gang. In December of the same year, the prosecutor was attacked and badly beaten. Her face was seriously injured, and some people think that her manner of speaking «between the teeth» is the result of the beating. Eventually, despite the pressure she experienced, Natalia managed to accomplish this case successfully.
Natalia Poklonskaia in her youth
Natalia Poklonskaia in her youth
In 2011, Natalia was appointed the prosecutor of Simferopol for environmental issues. In 2012, she moved to the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine and became the senior prosecutor in the department of pretrial investigation at the Main Directorate for Supervision of the Law Observance in Criminal Proceedings.

Natalia Poklonskaia as the Prosecutor of Crimea

The revolution and civil war in Ukraine, as well as the resignation of Viktor Ianukovich and the coming to power of Peter Poroshenko, could not help affecting Natalia Poklonskaia deeply. In February 2014, she claimed her resignation. Naming the reason, she claimed that she did not want to serve to a country ruled by the «nationalistically oriented bandits». Her boss did not sign the application though, offering her a paid vacation.

Natalia went home to her parents in Crimea. That time, the preparation for the referendum on the status of the peninsula proceeded. In late February, the armed special forces guys took over the government of Crimea following Vladimir Putin's order. After this, the parliament was dissolved, and Sergei Aksenov became the leader of the new government and was appointed the head of the party «Russian Unity».

He immediately announced the non-recognition of the new government of Ukraine. On March 4, the prosecutor of the Crimea Viacheslav Pavlov handed in his resignation. Four other candidates for this position declined the offer, and on March 11th, Natalia Poklonskaia was elected to the position of the prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
in March 2014, Natalia Poklonskaia became the Crimean Prosecutor
in March 2014, Natalia Poklonskaia became the Crimean Prosecutor
On the day of her appointment, Natalia Poklonskaia held a press conference where she expressed herself harshly about the new Ukrainian authorities. Later this video became widely available on the Internet and made the prosecutor famous.
Press-conference of Natalia Poklonskaia (ENG subs)
It took Natalia Poklonskaia 5 minutes 43 seconds to achieve the worldwide popularity - this is exactly how long this press conference lasted. Crimean journalists placed this video on YouTube, where some Japanese guy accidentally saw it. He immediately noticed the «high anime potential» of Poklonskaia and twitted: «The new prosecutor of the Crimea! Oh, oh, oh!». In the next hours, the twit was read by thousands of users, and the number of viewers of the press conference video went off the scale. Japanese anime artists drew hundreds of pictures of the «sexy prosecutor».
Natalia Poklonskaia became the anime character
Natalia Poklonskaia became the anime character
The story continues. During one of Natalia's first interviews as the Crimean prosecutor, the reporter asked if she knew about this rocketed interest in her personality on the internet. Natalia replied: «I am a prosecutor now, so I will not allow any niash-miash». The phrase became popular. Russian Internet users began calling the prosecutor «Niasha», «Niasha-Natasha» and «prosecutor-chan». (Note: in Russian slang, «niasha» means «cutie».)
Poklonskaia: «No more niash-miash!»)

The case against Poklonskaia

Natalia Poklonskaia was not officially discharged from the position in the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, although she expressed her position to her former direction very clearly. After Poklonskaia’s appointment to the position of the head of the Crimean prosecutor's office in Ukraine, a criminal case was initiated against her. She was accused of the contribution to the illegal seizure of power. As for the prosecutor, she in her turn called the events on the Maidan the «anti-constitutional seizure of power», and the new president and his associates - «the devils on the ruins». After the referendum on the status of Crimea (March 16, 2014) and the incorporation of the prosecutor's office of Crimea and Simferopol into the Russian system, the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine put Natalia Poklonskaia on a wanted list for the actions leading to the forced change of power.

Since Natalia Poklonskaia took her office, here was an attempt on her life prevented by the militia. A bag with a homemade bomb with an effective causality radius of 350 meters was found under the windows of Poklonskaia's office.

In spring 2016, Petr Poroshenko issued a decree putting Poklonskaia's name on the sanction list for her involvement in the judgement of Savchenko and Sentsov.
Russia awarded Natalia Poklonskaia with the «For Dedication to duty» Order
Russia awarded Natalia Poklonskaia with the «For Dedication to duty» Order
In the summer of the same year, the investigator of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Andrei Atamanchuk said that the pre-trial investigation on Poklonskaia is almost complete. She was convicted under four articles: the forced overthrow of the constitutional order, the anti-constitutional change of Ukraine's borders, the high treason and the participation in a criminal organization.

Natalia Poklonskaia in the State Duma

Natalia Poklonskaia got a deputy mandate in the elections to the State Duma of the VII convocation of September 18, 2016, and therefore she left the prosecutor's office. She became the head of the committee of the State Duma deputies' income control. After the appointment, Poklonskaia moved to Moscow.
In 2016, Natalia Poklonskaia became a deputy of the State Duma
In 2016, Natalia Poklonskaia became a deputy of the State Duma

The personal life of Natalia Poklonskaia

Little is known about the personal life of Natalia Poklonskaia. She is divorced now, her ex-husband is presumably the vice-mayor of Mariupol Vladimir Stepanovich Klimenko. Natalia has a daughter from him. The girl's name is Anastasia, and she took the last name of her mother.
Natalia Poklonskaia and her daughter Anastasia
Natalia Poklonskaia and her daughter Anastasia
Outside working time, Natalia leaves a room for creative leisure. She is into drawing, playing the piano and sports. In November 2014, Poklonskaia took part in the Spartakiad of prosecutors in Sochi and was able to comply with the «ready to work and defence» standard.
Natalia at the Spartakiad
Natalia at the Spartakiad

Poklonskaia and Nicholas II

The prosecutor is fond of history and has a certain sympathy for Nicholas II. There is his portrait in her office. In 2015, she made a sensational statement that the abdication of Nicholas II is void. More and more people think these days though that Natalia’s affectation for the last Russian Emperor goes beyond the adequacy.
The office of Natalia Poklonskaia. Portrait of hholas II hanging over the table
The office of Natalia Poklonskaia. Portrait of hholas II hanging over the table
In 2015, she ordered a series of portraits of Nicholas and his family to place in the Livadia Palace Museum (the former residence of Russian emperors). What is more, Poklonskaia brought the icon of Nicholas II instead of her grandfather's portrait to the annual event called «Immortal Regiment». This event is held on May 9 as a tribute to the memory of soldiers who died during the Second World War. Natalia's gesture was mocked at on the internet. People commented: «In my case, it is my grandfather who was at war. For Poklonskaia, it is the tsar'»
Natalia Poklonskaia for the action «Immortal Regiment» (2016)
Natalia Poklonskaia for the action «Immortal Regiment» (2016)
In March 2017, Poklonskaia twitted that the bust statue of Nicholas II installed in Simferopol near the prosecutor's office was shedding with holy ointment. Journalists came to the place immediately and realized that the miracle did not happen. The statue was absolutely dry.
Poklonskaia at the opening of the Passion-Bearers Chapel in Simferopol
Poklonskaia at the opening of the Passion-Bearers Chapel in Simferopol
Poklonskaia is often accused of the fact that her views coincide in many respects with the views of members of the tsarists sect. According to their belief, the death of hholas II became the sacred symbol of the redemption of the infidelity sin of the Russian people, which calls for the national repentance. Whereas the Russian Orthodox Church does not deny that Nicholas who was recognized as a saint wasn’t, in fact, a righteous person, Poklonskaia and her adherents are insulted by anyone mentioning the king's sins, including the deprivation of virginity before marriage. This is exactly what «Matilda» movie is about, the film that Poklonskaia despises.

Natalia Poklonskaia today. The struggle against Matilda

«Matilda» directed by Alexei Uchitel became the object of Poklonskaia’s attacks in October 2016. This is a historical movie about the love affair between Nicholas II and Matilda Kshesinskaia, a ballet dancer of Mariinskii Theatre. This love affair took place before the wedding of the Prince and the Princess Alexandra Feodorovna. Given Poklonskaia's monarchical views, it is not surprising that the film caused such resentment on her part.
A shot from Matilda movie
A shot from Matilda movie
First of all, the deputy sent a request to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding to check the «Matilda» trailer for the distortion of historical accuracy and the intention of «anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation». Of course, the prosecutor's office did not find any violations of the kind in the film. However, Natalia Poklonskaia resubmitted her request.

This time, she directed her request not only to the Prosecutor General's Office but also to the Ministry of Culture. Also, she demanded to check not only the trailer but the whole script as well as the sources of funding. The deputy also claimed that Uchitel intends to mock at the Tsar and his family. Uchitel’s answer was immediate. In his turn, the director submitted the request to the Prosecutor General's Office to protect him from Poklonskaia's «fabrications» escalating the hysteria around his new movie.

The authorities did not react fast enough, and then Poklonskaia ordered the examination of «Matilda» at her own expense. She quoted the opinion of experts who stated that the film's creators intentionally «present the emperor as a fool.» The examination also stated that the film hurt the feelings of the faithful whereas Matilda was compared to a rat.
bulging crooked teeth, an outstretched form of a face that makes it look like a mouse or a rat, an absurd figure...
The performer of the emperor's part, the German actor Lars Aidinger was also «attacked.» He was criticised as not looking any similar to Nicholas II as well as for his previous experience of acting in a «pornographic anti-Christian film in a vulgar, pornographic role». What is meant is the erotic biopic «The Goltsius and the Pelican Company» by Peter Greenaway.

However, the Ministry of Culture refused to take the examination by Poklonskaia into consideration, explaining their refusal with the fact that the official expertise did not reveal anything insulting the feelings of the faithful in the film, and that the film itself had not even come out yet. In the meantime, Uchitel' invited Poklonskaia to the private screening of «Matilda,» but the deputy refused to come.
I didn’t watch as I don’t need to watch it, and I will not watch it
Poklonskaia continued the campaign against «Matilda,» broadcasting about the process in social media.

In the summer of 2017, the magazine Znak published the information about the party representatives asked Poklonskaiia to temperate her passionate attack on «Matilda.» Coincidentally, the article's author Catherine Vinokurova was threatened after the publication.

On September 4, 2017, a jeep intentionally crashed into a cinema theatre Cosmos in Ekaterinburg. After pushing through the doors, the driver got out of the car and threw two Molotov cocktails into the car. The car caught fire, and the building of the theatre started to burn. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. During the interrogation, the 39-year-old driver Denis Murashov admitted that his action was a kind of protest against the premiere of «Matilda.»

After these events, Alexey Uchitel accused Poklonskaia of supporting terrorist organizations operating under the cover of religion.
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