A Russian Poet-Cannibal Ate a Woman’s Brain on March 8

A 22-yer-old Valdai’s resident is convicted of killing a 45-year-old woman and cannibalism. A young man met a lady in one of the social networks and came at her place.

The first date of the poet and connoisseurs of beauty ended in tragedy since the young man killed his new chap.

It is known that the brutal murder was committed late in the evening of March 8, 2017. The guest arrived at a new friend’s home and drank wine with her. Then a quarrel happened between them for some reason. The 22-year-old man struck the woman on the head by a wine bottle four times and then stabbed unconscious woman multiple times.
The poet from Valdai confessed to cannibalism
The poet from Valdai confessed to cannibalism
Later, the forensic investigators discovered that the young man smashed a woman's head with a heavy straight object and began to eat her brain drinking the bleeding blood. The examination was assigned which showed that the accused man was perfectly sane.

The suspected man confessed to the murder. After an investigation, he is waiting for the court. It is also known that young man from Valdai was known as a poet in his native place. Last year, the Russian Union of writers recognized him as The Poet of the Year.