Sharon Stone Was Denied the Role of Barbie in the 90s

It turns out we could have seen a blockbuster Barbie movie in the 90s starring Sharon Stone instead of Margot Robbie.

In a recent interview, the 66-year-old actress revealed that she had everything needed for such a project, but the movie studio rejected her. The big bosses didn't believe in her idea. On the Fly on the Wall podcast, Sharon shared that she approached the filmmakers with support from her producer friend and the then CEO of Mattel (the toy manufacturer that launched Barbie). However, their response was outright negative.
Literally, we got thrown out of the studio. They were like, ‘Why would you take this American icon and want to destroy it? Like, what is wrong with you?’ I mean, I got a lecture and an escort to the door.
Stone described her version of "Barbie" where the main character would appear doll-sized, but all the towering Mattel employees would bow down to her and adore her. According to the actress, this idea did not sit well with the movie moguls because they did not want to see Barbie as a strong and powerful woman.
Sharon Stone could have been an excellent Barbie
Sharon Stone could have been an excellent Barbie
Years have passed, and Margot Robbie has managed to bring the iconic toy to the screen. Her adaptation focuses more on the differences between the idealized doll world and harsh reality, including Ken suffering from unrequited love.

Earlier, reported that the new adaptation by the famous blonde would be dedicated to the computer game The Sims.