`The Crow` Creator Criticizes Remake Starring Bill Skarsgård

Australian director Alex Proyas has commented on the upcoming release of "The Crow" remake.

According to the creator of the original film, he is unhappy with the remakes of his iconic work. Proyas believes that producers should not have started filming a new movie, as the original film is the legacy of actor Brandon Lee, who played the leading role, reports Deadline.
And I’m certain the cast and crew really had all good intentions, as we all do on any film. So it pains me to say any more on this topic, but I think the fan’s response speaks volumes. The Crow is not just a movie. Brandon Lee died making it, and it was finished as a testament to his lost brilliance and tragic loss. It is his legacy. That’s how it should remain.
Zoomboola.com reminds that the film's remake will hit theaters in June this year. Bill Skarsgård, star of "It," will play the leading role. The original film 'The Crow' was released in 1994.
Brandon Lee VS Bill Skarsgard
Brandon Lee VS Bill Skarsgard
It is noteworthy that during the filming of one of the original film's episodes, actor Brandon Lee, son of legendary Bruce Lee, died when his character was shot with a gun. Media reported that Brandon was fatally wounded due to the negligence of the film crew, who did not notice a bullet stuck in the barrel of the gun, which was discharged when a blank round was fired. The bullet penetrated the actor's abdomen, causing severe bleeding.