Snoop Dogg`s Daughter, Cori Broadus, Opens Up About Her Stroke at Age 24

Cori Broadus is recovering from a serious health scare. Snoop Dogg's daughter recently suffered a stroke.

After experiencing a severe cerebral blood supply disorder, Cori underwent medical examinations last week. Following positive results, doctors allowed her discharge. "The chest CT scan was normal, and today I'm going home. I might cry. Thank you for your continuous prayers and love," Broadus shared with her fans.

The rapper's daughter demonstrated her progress by walking unaided outside, just days after returning home. "Today is my first day walking properly. I'm exhausted, but so proud of myself. I'm slowly regaining strength," Cori revealed.
Cori Broadus
Cori Broadus
Feeling well enough, Cori joined her famous father at Charlie Wilson's 71st birthday party in Los Angeles. The event, also celebrating Wilson's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, saw Snoop Dogg's close friend mark his birthday with joy. Cori, founder of Choc Factory by CHOC, posed on the blue carpet in a stylish purple tracksuit and UGG slippers, completing her look with a gold necklace. "Honey, I'm home!" she announced, calling Wilson her favorite artist while posing with the R&B legend.

Cori then shared her healthy lifestyle, preparing a green smoothie for herself and her fiancé, Wayne Polk, before their doctor-recommended walk.
Cori Broadus and her boyfriend
Cori Broadus and her boyfriend
Hospitalized on January 18, Cori shared a photo in a pink hoodie and a medical mask. "I had a severe stroke this morning. I cried when I found out. I'm only 24. What did I do in the past to deserve this?" she lamented.

Her situation was worsened by poor kidney health. Cori posted photos of her nieces Kai and Eleven, children of her older brother Cordé, visiting her in the hospital. Days before discharge, she shared encouraging news: "God is working overtime, can you hear me! My kidneys were terrible... Doctors said this morning that it's getting much better," Daily Mail quotes her.
Married for 26 years to his high school sweetheart, Shante Taylor, Snoop Dogg has two sons besides Cori - 29-year-old Cordé and 26-year-old Cordell.
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