H.P. Baxxter from Scooter Proposed to His 22-year-old Girlfriend

In May, HP Baxxter, the lead singer of the iconic '90s techno group Scooter, started dating a new girl, and now he's ready to marry her.

The musician's fiancée is a 22-year-old student named Sara, whom he's been seeing for about six months. According to Baxxter, whose real name is Hans Peter Geerdes, it was love at first sight and there was an immediate spark between him and his young girlfriend.
HP Baxxter and his girlfriend Sara
HP Baxxter and his girlfriend Sara
So, he didn't want to wait to take their relationship to the next level. On a romantic trip, Hans brought a ring he'd previously bought in Hamburg, where he lives with Sara.

The star didn't want to plan out the proposal, so he patiently waited until he felt in his heart that the time was right. This happened during a trip to Scotland. The couple were touring the mountainous regions in a vintage Rolls-Royce.
I had already bought the ring in Hamburg before our trip, carried it in my trouser pocket the whole time. I wanted it to fit and not stage anything. And there, in Fort William, on a lake in the middle of nowhere, it was just the two of us. The moment was perfect.
For Hans Peter, this will be his third marriage, and he believes it will be his last. But first, they need to at least wait for the wedding, as they haven't started planning yet.