Bella Thorne, who refused her fiance, started a new romance

29 August 2022
Only a month has passed since the breakup of Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo, but the star has already managed to spin a new romance. Now the couple is vacationing together in Mykonos.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo prepared very hard for the wedding, but it never took place. The young people decided to part ways. They were unable to maintain a relationship due to the distance and busy schedule, so it was decided to break up on a good note and just stay friends.

The girl was sad for a short time — literally a month later she was noticed in the company of a mysterious stranger.
Then insiders from Hollywoodlife confirmed this information. Yes, Bella really has a new boyfriend.
Bella Thorne and her new boyfriend
Bella Thorne and her new boyfriend
The couple is vacationing in Mykonos, and the paparazzi even managed to capture their kisses on the yacht.

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