Why Sylvester Stallone is divorcing his wife

The actor has lived with his wife for more than 20 years and the decision to separate was extremely unexpected for fans of the couple. According to one version, Jennifer made the decision after a violent quarrel with her husband over his new pet dog.

76-year-old Sylvester Stallone is still divorcing his wife. Fans understood everything after a tattoo of a deceased pet appeared on his shoulder instead of a portrait of his wife. And although his agent claimed that the actor loves his family, the truth was revealed anyway — the couple decided to separate.

By the way, it was the dog that became the "apple of discord" in the family. The actor's wife, according to their friend, really wanted to get rid of the dog. And it was after this conflict that the actor, according to an insider, made a new tattoo — in protest. After the media began to write about it, the actor hastened to assure that the story with the portrait has nothing to do with the divorce. And the decision to break up was made because they had recently "distanced themselves from each other."
By the way, no one thought that the couple could break up because of the tattoo, but apparently this quarrel was the last straw.

  • Of course! Why torment each other if there is no love. perhaps everyone will still be able to feel their happiness
    2022-08-25 17:17:58