Anya Taylor Joy and her lover intend to arrange a magnificent wedding

More recently, actresses noticed a ring on “the very finger”, after which they began to whisper on the sidelines that the star was secretly engaged to her boyfriend Malcolm McRae.

Anya Taylor Joy continues to excite the minds of fans. The girl again ambiguously showed her right hand in the frame, on the ring finger of which there were two whole rings.

And if before that she appeared to the public alone, which immediately provoked a bunch of rumors about a secret wedding, now the fans do not know what to think.
Anya Taylor Joy and Malcolm McRae
Anya Taylor Joy and Malcolm McRae
No the girl, no her chosen one Malcolm McRae comment on the news about herself. Some of the close sources claim that the couple secretly signed shortly before the trip to Australia. There, Anya is working on the film Mad Max: Fury Road.
Anya Taylor Joy
Anya Taylor Joy
If the couple's loved ones are to be believed, as soon as filming is completed, the couple intends to throw a grand wedding ceremony. Fans are wondering who will be invited to the celebration.
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    2022-08-01 18:32:29
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