Lana Del Rey is dating Courtney Love ex-boyfriend

18 July 2022
There seems to be a new romance in the making in Hollywood that we'll all be interested in following. Lana Del Rey is no longer hiding her relationship with Jack Donoghue.

Rumors about the singer's romance with the lead singer of Salem have been circulating for the past few months, but it seems that the star finally decided to dot the ‘i’ confirming the speculation of the fans with a joint photo with her lover.
Lana Del Rey and Jack Donoghue
Lana Del Rey and Jack Donoghue
By the way, this is not the first "star" girl for Donoghue. He previously dated the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, singer Courtney Love. reminds that the day before, Jack Donoghue posted a cute picture with Lana on his social networks, touchingly signing the publication: "Family visit." True, the lovers are posing in front of one of the Chicago prisons, but why exactly they came there will remain a mystery to us.

  • I didn’t meet, but once I thoroughly fell for a friend’s boyfriend
    2022-07-18 16:38:33