Famous plus-size models without photoshop: 14 photos

Body positivity has become a part of our life - models with much more curvaceous forms than before began to appear on the covers of magazines, largely displacing thin girls familiar to the eye into the background. However, even modern, much more honest covers of glossy magazines cannot do without retouching.

Zoomboola.com editors put together a collection of 14 photos of modern plus-size models without retouching.
Many of the models appearing on the covers of magazines and acting as brand ambassadors practically do not need retouching. Iskra Lawrence, Marquita Pring, and Emma Sanders have practically nothing to hide - the curvy forms of the girls look equally natural in advertising and everyday life.
Marquita Pring on the set and in real life
Marquita Pring on the set and in real life
Photographers usually work on the appearance of other beauties in Photoshop. These models include Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham. You can look at other plus-size models in real life in our photo selection.