Choose the most lovely couple from the youth films

Touching and slightly naive, sometimes hyperemotional and even rival relationships of these heroes made millions of viewers empathize with their problems and enjoy their successes. Let's choose the most charming couple from the popular youth movies (or conversely, the most repellent). Vote for your favorite characters!

1. Katniss and Peeta («The Hunger Games»)

Katniss and Peeta («The Hunger Games»)

This screen pair have gone through a deadly competition, become a symbol of the protest movement and arranged a revolution to build an updated world where no one will be hungry. In life, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, also Liam Hemsworth, who played the «third extra» in their relationship, are close friends.

2. Tris and Four («Divergent»)

Tris and Four («Divergent»)

Shailene Woodley and Theo James have shown the viewers of the «Divergent» franchise that the romantic relationship between two strong personalities is possible. What a pity that both of them have refused to shoot in the fourth part («Ascendant») counting their story over.

3. Mike and the Eleven («Stranger Things»)

Mike and the Eleven («Stranger Things»)

To the relief of many viewers there are enough events not to stick out the love line in the mystical series «Stranger Things». But it doesn't mean that there are no one! The scene of Mike and the Eleven`s kiss was the culmination of the «love» part of the second season. And for the actors Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown it was the first kiss not only in the script, but in real life.

4. Jughead and Betty («Riverdale»)

Jughead and Betty («Riverdale»)

This is the most popular couple from the TV series «Riverdale». Despite the kisses with Tony and Veronica, Jughead is betrayed by Betty and with all his might tries to protect her from dangers, even to his feeling detriment. But true love would have passed through every grade of life! By the way, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart begin to date in real life.

5. Veronica and Archie («Riverdale»)

Veronica and Archie («Riverdale»)

Veronica Lodge, the most attractive girl of the Riverdale school, and the handsome football player Archie Andrews seem to be created for each other. Starring them KJ Apa and Camila Mendes also announced their relationship.

6. Valerian and Laureline («Valerian»)

Valerian and Laureline («Valerian»)

The relationship of the protagonists of the Luc Besson`s film «Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets» are rather ambiguous. In the film choosing between duty and feelings they have to decide are they partners or a couple in love. Despite the emotional «chemistry» between the actors, the relationship between Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan in real life is impossible because DeHaan has been happily married since 2012.

7. Hermione and Ron («Harry Potter»)

Hermione and Ron («Harry Potter»)

If love is always logic, the demanding intellectual Hermione and the lazy slacker Ron will hardly be together. But our heart don't always listen to the voice of reason. But outside the set Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are just friends. The actors were very uncomfortable at the kiss scene, which later Rupert called «terrible».

8. Christian and Anastasia («Fifty Shades of Grey»)

Christian and Anastasia («Fifty Shades of Grey»)

The audience either hates «Fifty Shades of Grey» or regard this film as a bible of sexual relations. During the trilogy Christian and Anastasia have deen going through many tests, but then the gray mouse turned into a manipulator panther and conquered the heart of a young billionaire. Meanwhile, the actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson recalled that during the bedtime scene they had been spoiled many takes by their laugh.

9. Bella and Edward («The Twilight»)

Bella and Edward («The Twilight»)

«The Twilight» saga made millions of young spectators hold their breath watching the union of the two hearts of human and vampire. Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) also have been dating in real life, but a beautiful fairy tale had ended. However, in early 2018 they were seen together again.

10. Daenerys Targaryen and John Snow («The Game of Thrones»)

Daenerys Targaryen and John Snow («The Game of Thrones»)

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow are full of opposites, like white and black, south and north, fire and ice. The writers of the «Games of Thrones» are confident that they can be together, so, many fans of the series support their opinion. But in real life Kit Harington, starring Snow, gave his heart to Rose Leslie, who is familiar to spectators as wild Igritt.

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