6 famous pets who live better than you

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth II did not like her Corgi as much as her British subjects, but she was definitely close to it. Not so long ago, the Queen's last Corgi died, but there are still enough animals in the world who live better than many people. And while you are wondering how to live out your salary, if it is still two weeks away, and there are a couple of dollars in your wallet, these minions of fate enjoy life to the fullest.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

Personal life of Karl Lagerfeld did not work out. The head of the fashion house Chanel was unconditionally in love with the socialite Jacques de Basher. When Jacques left Lagerfeld to another fashion designer - Yves-Saint Laurent, poor Carl's heart froze. Only Kitty Chupette managed to melt it. The Burmese breed kitten was left to overexposure, but he could not part with it.
Karl Lagerfeld and Schupett
Karl Lagerfeld and Schupett
Schupett inspired Lagerfeld to new collections, for example, a series of bags and a line of cosmetics, and starred in the famous photo shoot with Letizia Casta. Chupett has a personal servant, a cook and a stylist, as well as his Instagram account. After the death of Karl, Chupette inherited 200 million dollars.

You will learn about other famous pets whose lives can only be envied in this video. We’ll talk about the most popular Instagram pug parodying Kim Kardashian, about Italian greyhounds of Kylie Jenner, who live in their own house, and about dogs of one Russian politician.
5 animals that live better than you