5 largest forest fires of the 21st century

The forests of the Amazon are burning. They can enter the top of the most terrifying and mastab fires of our time and suppress the fire of Siberia.

Recall, that at the beginning of summer 2019, due to continuous draught, Siberia was affected by major forest fires. The fire engulfed over 3 million hectares, which is almost half of the entire forestland and the affected territory is the same size as Belgium.
The trees that were growing in these areas were supplying oxygen to over 11 thousand people!
5 largest forest fires of 21st century after Siberian fire in 2019
Instead of fresh air, people from neighboring cities and towns get to inhale carbon dioxide and are suffocating from the smoke. Unfortunately, this is not the only major fire from the 21st century. Zoomboola will tell you all about the forest fires of the new millennium in this video!