Vladimir Safronkov

Vladimir Safronkov

Name: Vladimir Safronkov

Who is: , Russian deputy envoy to the United Nations

Birth date: (59 y.o.)

Height: 6'0 ft ()

Weight: 216 lb (98 kg)


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Vladimir Safronkov’s Biography

We can call Vladimir Karpovich Safronkov a modern, brave and even rude diplomat. The international community knew absolutely nothing about this person, temporarily acting Russia UN ambassador from 2017 instead of suddenly gone Vitaly Churkin. And then his shining moment happened when he performed his extraordinary speech at the UN Security Council on the issue of war-torn Syria.
Vladimir Karpovich Safronkov
Vladimir Karpovich Safronkov

Vladimir Safronkov’s Childhood and Family

The diplomats’ private lives are always kept in mystery due to the specificity of their job. Usually, journalists are able to collect only fragmentary information about the family and everyday life of the famous persons of the diplomatic world.
Vladimir Safronkov followed a political path
Vladimir Safronkov followed a political path
Just a few and lack of detail resources can hit the lit on Vladimir Karpovich Safrankov’s childhood and family. His father headed the Omsk Veterinary Institute and was arrested on charges of economic crimes in the 30-s.

Carp SafrAnkov managed to survive. Be he lost the job, a party ticket and even surname. He changed one letter in his surname and became SafrOnkov in an effort to protect his nearest and dearest and to keep them away from the dangerous relationship with an ex-con, he really was. This version of the surname was recorded in the documents of his son, born in March 1964.

The son of a disgraced head chose the path of a diplomat and entered MGIMO, which he graduated in 1990.

Vladimir Safronkov’s Diplomatic Career

The young specialist started his career after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He learned the basic English and French, after what he additionally mastered the Arabic language. The Embassy in Tunisia was the first job of perspective East-knowing specialist. He had lived and worked in this country until 1995. The diplomat participated in resolving the conflict of the Arab population of Palestine, closely cooperated with local organizations in charge of this difficult question. The Tunisian experience and participation in the resolution of conflicts between the inhabitants of Palestine led the further path of Safronkov’s career.
Vladimir Safronkov began his career in Tunisia
Vladimir Safronkov began his career in Tunisia
The next five years, Mr. Safronov worked as the assistant to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. V.V. Posuvaluk was the Deputy, an extraordinary and talented diplomat. The beginning of the XXI century, the diplomat met as a Financial Analyst at United Nations, responsible for the Eastern direction. He was considered an expert on the Middle East affairs and was included in the Russian delegation. He had occupied this job until 2004.

In 2007, Safronov became the Russian group United Nations Special Coordinator for political affairs. In 2011 he was appointed a Deputy Head of International Relations Department of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation.
In 2015, Vladimir Safronkov began working in the United Nations Organization
In 2015, Vladimir Safronkov began working in the United Nations Organization
According to Zoomboola.com, in 2015, Vladimir Safronov was appointed Deputy of the Russian Federation Ambassador to the United Nations and the UN Security Council on political issues. His area of responsibility has expanded from African countries to the entire Middle East, including China, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. In 2017, he had replaced the suddenly deceased Vitaly Churkin.
The Russian Federation Ambassador in the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov
The Russian Federation Ambassador in the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov

Vladimir Safronkov Today

In April 2017, the Russian diplomat became world known after his sharp speech at the United Nations about the damage done by the U.S. army on the Syrian base and lack of effectiveness in the fight against terrorists. "Are you afraid, lost sleep? Do you think that we will cooperate with the United States? You're afraid of this. Look at me, don’t avert your eyes", – the diplomat scolded his British colleague Matthew Rycroft.
Vladimir Safronkov’s speech in the UN. Full version
The opinions about the Safronkov’s speech divided. Many people have called the incident in Security Council to be boorish and called Safronkov’s speech inappropriate for an official representative of the Russian people. The rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov was among the critics, who said that the diplomat could not afford to speak in this manner.
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