Montana Jordan

Montana Jordan
Montana Jordan
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(21 y.o.)
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Longview, Texas, U.S.
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Montana Jordan Biography

Montana Jordan rose to fame quickly. His second acting project, the TV series "Young Sheldon," which premiered its first season in 2017, made him well-known. He was cast as Georgie Cooper, the older brother of the child prodigy Sheldon. His character is a typical teenager who may not be academically brilliant but compensates with his charisma.

Montana stayed with the project for seven long seasons and did everything to make a memorable and lovable impression on the audience. The efforts paid off: in 2024, it was announced that a separate spin-off of "Young Sheldon," focusing on Georgie Cooper and his girlfriend, was in production.
Actor Montana Jordan
Actor Montana Jordan

Early Years

Montana Jordan was born on March 8, 2003, in Longview, Texas. Two years later, his father received an attractive job offer and moved the family to nearby Ore City. His mother taught at the local elementary school. Montana grew up with two older sisters, Katelli and Jaden, who looked after him while their parents were at work.

Montana was a very active boy. He loved going on hunting expeditions with his father and by the age of seven, he could set traps for game. His favorite pastime was riding motorcycles off-road. He also enjoyed playing the guitar, football, and tennis.

His parents divorced when he was still in school, but both continued to be involved in his upbringing.

When Montana entered high school, his teachers noticed his interest in acting. He joined the local drama club, where he excelled and became the top student. By the time he graduated from high school, Jordan had no plans to go to college, as he was determined to pursue a career in acting.

Early Roles

In 2015, Montana went to auditions for the first time. He was auditioning for the film "The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter." In this tragicomedy, Jordan played one of the leading roles: Jaden Ferguson, a boy whom his father takes on a trip to mend their relationship. Josh Brolin portrayed the father on screen.

The film was released in 2018. By that time, the young actor had already moved to North Carolina to attend more auditions and landed a role in the series "Young Sheldon," which made him famous. The project was a spin-off and prequel to "The Big Bang Theory." Montana played the protagonist's older brother – George "Georgie" Cooper Jr., also known as Georgie (Jerry O'Connell played the adult version of Sheldon's brother in "The Big Bang Theory").

In the first seasons, Georgie struggles in school, is constantly upset that his parents give all their attention to Sheldon, and does not get along with his brother, with whom he is constantly compared. However, he has an undeniable sense of humor.

As the plot developed, so did his character. For example, at 17, Georgie dropped out of school to find a job and eventually made a decent career in tire service.

The first episodes were released in 2017. A year later, Jordan was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Teen Actor in a Television Series.

Following the success of the first four seasons, "Young Sheldon" was renewed for three more in 2021. "It's fun, and it doesn't even feel like work. The four seasons really flew by unnoticed. But when I look back at the first season, I can't watch it because I don't like seeing myself at 13," Jordan said in an interview.

Montana Jordan's Personal Life

Montana is very close with his family. For example, on Father's Day 2018, he shared a photo of his dad on social media, publicly expressing his love and stating that his father has always been there for him when he needed him the most. The actor also frequently posts pictures of his older sisters and his little niece, whom he spends a lot of time with.

In 2017, Jordan started a YouTube channel called Montana Jordan Vlogs, where he posted videos from his daily life and also conducted giveaways for his subscribers.

The charming Georgie Cooper brought him a whole army of female fans. The actor sometimes received hundreds of messages a day from unknown girls. However, Montana's heart was already taken.

In 2023, the actor finally introduced his girlfriend to his fans, a Texas native named Jenna Weeks. In January 2024, it was announced that the couple is expecting their first child. Wicks shared on social media that they are having a girl. "In a world that is so uncertain, there is one thing: your father and I love you infinitely and unconditionally," she addressed their unborn baby girl.

Montana Jordan Now

In January 2024, it was announced that "Young Sheldon" would have a spin-off. The project will be dedicated to Montana's character – Georgie Cooper and his relationship with Mandy McAllister.

The characters met in the fifth season of "Young Sheldon." Soon after, Mandy, played by Emily Osment, gave birth to a daughter, and shortly thereafter, the couple got married. The new sitcom with a laugh track will focus on their complex family relationships.

The first episode of the final, seventh season of "Young Sheldon" was released on screens on February 16, 2024. In March, the CBS channel approved the spin-off about Georgie Cooper. The first season is expected to consist of 13 episodes and will be part of the 2024–2025 television season.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2018, Jordan played Georgie in the episode "The VCR Illumination" of the original series "The Big Bang Theory."

  • Montana is passionate about music. In 2018, he performed the song "My Father Was a Hunter," which was featured on the soundtrack of the film "The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter."

  • There's a popular rumor online that Jordan is a distant relative of Patrick Swayze, as the young actor strongly resembles his late colleague in his youth. However, there are no familial ties between them.