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Iwan Rheon
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(39 y.o.)
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Carmarthen, Wales, U.K.
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150 lb (68 kg)
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Biography of Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon is a young British actor, musician, and singer. He became widely known for the role of Simon from the series "Misfits." He became even more famous after filming in the adaptation of "The Game of Thrones" where he played Ramsey Bolton. Net worth: approximately $4 million.
A British actor Iwan Rheon
A British actor Iwan Rheon


Iwan Rheon was born in quite a big port city of Carmarthen, Wales, in the family of ordinary office employees Thomas and Einir. He was the second child in the family – he has an older brother Aled. In 1990, their parents decided to move to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, which certainly opened up more opportunities for boys.
Iwan Rheon as a teenager and now
Iwan Rheon as a teenager and now
As a child, Ivan was not any different from his peers. The boy had a very ordinary appearance. Nevertheless, his creative abilities revealed themselves early enough – as early as at school Iwan became interested in theater and enthusiastically took part in school productions. In addition, the boy was interested in traveling, biology, and music. The latter became an important part of his life in high school – from the age of 16, the guy began to write texts and perform his works. He joined the musical group The Convictions but later pushed music into the background for the sake of an acting career.

A turning point in the life of Iwan Rheon was when he took part in the national literary and music festival. The very fact of the participation in the event of this level testified to the considerable talents and high ambitions of the guy. After the stage debut, he set himself the goal to go to London to enter the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

The first roles

After graduating from the academy, Iwan began working at the Royal Theater of Liverpool and very quickly got a good role in the production "Eight miles of height." A year later, Rheon brilliantly performed in the original musical "Spring Awakening." The talent of the young actor did not go unnoticed, and soon he was awarded the most prestigious British theater award of Lawrence Olivier.
A younger Iwan Rheon
A younger Iwan Rheon
Rheon's film career began in 2004 with an episodic role in one of the oldest Welsh soap operas "Pobol y Cwm" (translated from the Welsh as "People of the Valley" airing since 1974).


Significant changes in the film career of Ivan Rheon occurred after his name appeared on the list of actors approved for key roles in the series Misfits (2009-2011) along with Robert Sheena, Loren Soka, Antonia Thomas, and Nathan Jarett.
Simon is his first role that was popular worldwide
Simon is his first role that was popular worldwide
The film was based on the story of six children who were punished for various minor law offenses with community service. Once during the cleaning of the streets, they were caught by a terrible thunderstorm, and after a severe lightning strike, all young criminals got supernatural abilities.
Misfits: Iwan Rheon 'Misfits' interview
Iwan perfectly performed the role of Simon Bellamy, the quietest and the most unsociable member of the party. Over time, his character shaped up and became one of the main characters of the story. The show, thanks to big deals of black humor and an intricate plotline, won the love of viewers around the world and instantly made Iwan Rheon famous. In 2012, he got the main role in the feature film "Wasteland." Perhaps, it is thanks to his talent that a low-budget criminal drama has become successful at the box office. His other project in the same genre was no less successful – "Wild Bill."
Iwan Rheon on Christmas jumpers, Rockstar dreams and climate change | The Big Q's

Game of Thrones

In 2011, after the end of the third season of Misfits, Rheon left the project along with the "first cast" actors. Even while still filming Misfits, he starred in many other works ("The Rise", "Grandma's House", "Resistance", "The Back of Beyond"), which, however, did not become any resonant among the audience, with the exception for comedy series Secret Diary of a Call Girl starring Billy Piper.
Iwan Rheon appeared in the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Iwan Rheon appeared in the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl
It had already seemed that Iwan was destined to be forever remembered as Simon from Misfits but in 2012, he was invited to casting for the HBO series The Game of Thrones.
Iwan Rheon as Ramsi Bolton
Iwan Rheon as Ramsi Bolton
His charismatic appearance coupled with an outstanding talent honed on the theatre stage, were the reasons why he got the role of Ramsey Bolton, the bastard of one of the Lords of the North. This charming young man turned out to be a cruel sadistic psychopath killing people with a smile on his face.

His favorite occupation was hunting for people in the company of hungry hounds. In a word, the character of Iwan Rheon was incredibly curious and caused a storm of emotions even from the most detached viewers. The actor himself claimed that his character deserved to die like no other. This was confirmed by Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen whose characters were forced to keep in touch with Ramsay Bolton.
50 shades of Ramsey Bolton
Iwan was also involved in two seasons of the British TV series "Vicious." He played a young man who by coincidence settled in a family of two elderly homosexuals. It's funny that the latter two were played by Derek Jacoby and Ian McKellen who are gays in real life as well.
«Vicious»: Iwan Rheon and elderly homosexuals
«Vicious»: Iwan Rheon and elderly homosexuals
In addition to filming in the movie, the young actor was also engaged in music that he loves so much. In four years, he managed to make three small music albums – "Tongue Tied" (2010), "Changing Times" (2011), and "Bang Bang!" (2013).
Iwan Rheon «Bang! Bang!»
It is not surprising that Iwan Rheon who played such a complicated character as Ramsey Bolton was soon overloaded with offers. In 2016, in addition to the sixth season of Game of Thrones, he was engaged in three projects – a historical comedy "Moving Pictures," a science fiction film "S.U.M.1." and a drama "Daisy Winters." Though filming takes a lot of time, he manages to find some time for his favorite hobby – music. In early 2015, Iwan presented a full-length album called "Dinard."
Iwan Rheon – «Changing Times»

Further career

According to Zoomboola.com, after the Game of Thrones, the career of this charismatic actor rushed up. In 2017, along with Julia Stiles, he played one of the key characters in the TV series "Riviera", appeared in the episode of the mini-series Urban Legends and in the full-length drama "Daisy Winters" costarred by the 90's top model Brooke Shields. In 2018, he worked on the almanac "Berlin, I Love You" and the war movie "Hurricane" the premiere of which is scheduled for 2019.

Iwan Rheon's personal life

When Iwan Rheon was filming in GoT, his private life was really PRIVATE. For some time tabloids wrote about Iwan's affair with the actress of the Misfits' Antonia Thomas. However, even the ubiquitous paparazzi could not catch them together. Here and there in the press appeared notes about Iwan's possible relationship with Sophie Turner. However, at many events, the actor was seen accompanied by an actress Zoe Grisdale, which also served as a trigger for talks.
In the photo: Iwan Rheon and Zoe Grisdale
In the photo: Iwan Rheon and Zoe Grisdale
Lack of information caused gossips including hints of homosexuality of the actor. After all, a guy with an attractive appearance, an excellent acting talent, a beautiful voice and great popularity just could not help being popular at women.
Iwan Rheon and Robert Shien
Iwan Rheon and Robert Shien
But now we know, that the actor lives in London with his beloved Zoë Grisedale, she is an actress. In 2018, their common child was born.
Iwan Rheon and Zoë Grisedale
Iwan Rheon and Zoë Grisedale

Iwan Rheon Now

Since 'Game of Thrones' era Iwan Rheon doesn't appear on a screen often. One of his most noticeable works of this period is the role of 'Mötley Crüe' band's guitarist Mick Mars from 'The Dirt' biopic.
The real Mick Mars and Iwan Rheon in «The Dirt»
The real Mick Mars and Iwan Rheon in «The Dirt»

  • I don`t know what everybody found in Iwan Rheon as an actor. Well, he has a beautiful blue eyes but nothing else. He is singing not bad by the way.
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  • Iwan Rheon is an interesting actor. I paid attention to him in Game of Thrones. Great actor`s work. I wish him luck in career.
    2021-04-16 10:06:48
  • I don`t like this guy. He has a fruity appearance. He can`t boast by playing well.
    2021-04-06 08:48:08
  • I saw Iwan Rheon at the first time in Game of Thrones. In spite of his negative role of sadistic, I remember him by playing good.
    2021-03-25 10:22:31
  • He is so handsome! Charming, with a dark hair, blue eyes and nice voice. An eligible bachelor.
    2021-03-07 15:09:16